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Ohio hookup News you'll LOVE!
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Posted by: Fantasyshookups
07/22/2022, 07:01:24

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First the local Kentucky hookup business to be addressed.

Louisville hookups this weekend has Victoria fresh from her Tennessee hookup victory tour. Great reception for a great Lady, thanks VOLS! Victoria will be in town Friday and Saturday along with Danielle B. at By the way, Victoria hits Indianapolis Wednesday-get in where you fit in at LEAST 24 hours in advance gents. Did you guys see her fantabulous reviews from down there....

Casey is hitting TN next week beginning in Nashville, get signed up now because this little sweet petite blue eyed blonde doll baby will go quick! Multiple hour appointments are her specialty boys and they receive priority over the little one hour deals. for reservations. Expect to see Danielle A. at hit Nashville the week after boys and girls! I think Danielle is the best GFE around, at least the best kisser!

*Speaking of little Miss Casey, she is in Lexington Friday and hits Cincinnati Saturday-again better book with us today if you're a Client Code holder because she goes quick. Multiple hour requests receives first dibs fellas....

Lexington incalls Friday with Casey, Danielle A., Carmen and Devon and maybe a couple of our referral friends if we book up too quickly. Saturday and Sunday in Lextown has Devon on EARLY, Carmen available Late, Danielle and Jill with multiple hour appointments and maybe Casey with multiple hour requests.

Some disappointing Female hookup news: After traveling all over hell and back to KY IN TN and OH to interview potential applicants for Fantasys all week I have to say that we WILL NOT be adding any new ones from this past months applicants because they all SUCKED (and I don't mean in a good way either). Man what a bummer. Have any idea how many sow's ears attempted to convince me that they were all really silk purses? All of 'em and not a single one was worth a ???! This is indeed a sad state of affairs for the hookup industry because every knucklehead and her sister seems to be turning to the business as a first resort to overcoming their personal challenges with disastrous results. Man these latest idiots were some worthless motherfuXXXXs buddy, old as dirt, OVERWIEGHT (every one lied their asses off about that and completely wasted my time-sent OLD pics too), drunks, potheads, tattoo bandits, unkempt, overly convinced of their worth to YOU GUYS (! Ooh wee but I had some fun when they had a peek a Victoria who ALWAYS looks like a million bucks-even on a "bad day"!LOL!) etc, just terribly disappointing. Then there was the idiot independents in Nashville that seem to be ripping you guys off. We were so well received down there it was unreal. The MAJORITY of hookups we saw websites for in that area (before went down so we could judge what the local standards are) were a freaking joke. No professionally prepared sites (and most of them were OLD sites at that-i.e. Geocities, etc) things that should have been dropped long ago when they started making money, really old, grossly overweight, over priced, rip offs and that was just in Nashville and Knoxville, TN is a big State. Everyone was very accommodating to us and made us feel genuinely welcomed and expressed a lot of gratitude. All in all a terrific trip for Victoria but a lousy one for Fantasys wannabes! If I should ever get a little discouraged or tired of working I'll just look at the volume of Thank You notes you guys sent us from Tennessee, that makes it all worthwhile in the end! Thanks again!

hookup INDUSTRY NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh man have we got a super cool couple of things to announce for you! <--WOW am I ever excited about this new project we're doing! hookup Interviews, some LIVE, some pre-recorded, up close and in depth-behind the scenes with real providors in real Cities that you can actually see in person! And you know who is behind it all-FANTASYS of course! Everyones Favorite smart ass glib MOD will be your new host and "netcast interviewer" as we bring YOU the real Ladies and Agencies behind the myths! We've put some thought into this stuff and I think everyones is going to LOVE it!

** <--The bomb! will be the HTML version so you can read it and will be the recorded version so you see AND hear it. We plan to unveil these at our parties and interview the participants right there before the party commences. An entire Q and A series plus flash style commercials that we're assembling advertising hookup Services and hookup Websites for industry people. Expect to see madcap humor, goofy stupid ??? (on my part of course), maybe some teary eyed secrets about "uncle john", travel plans, video clips and more. Sunday specials will be called "Breakfast with the Pros"! An open topic format with a bunch of us simply having some brunch and shooting the ??? about the business. Tuff stuff amigos! I might even be able to find a date this year with this job....! Okay, you can figure this one out on your own! Announce your Travel Plans here Ladies! Fantasys and is making their message boards available for multi-cities and States so you can announce your travel itineraries. We're adding an entire host of travel accessories to help you out with your "vacation" travels too. Hotel, Motel discounts along with maps, weather, auto discounts, recommendation for staying overnight, historic landmarks to visit and more. Expect to see a "travel consultant" from FANTASYS in the near future give blow by blow exploits of his or her opinions next year, complete with pics! We are plastering this place EVERWHERE at the end of the year so watch for it. Remember, you saw it first with Fantasys! The party place from FANTASYS! This is the place to announce your hookup Social gatherings people. Providors and Hobbyists may announce them here for free PLUS watch for FANTASYS to begin HOSTING hookup SOCIALS in conjunction with every week in major Cities and States beginning with Lexington, Louisville, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Nashville, Knoxville and some where else in the immediate future (that means this year folks). EVERY participant will be VERIFIED by Fantasys to ensure a safe fun time free from stalkers-misfits and do-gooder ???s! FREE hookup Help from FANTASYS! Promotions, keyword discovery, INFORMATION LOOK UP for Client Screening and more. We'll announce more about this jewel at a later date. hookup Diaries is more like it. I publish alot of articles here with more to come from my personal archives in the near future. Go make a post about your stuff here too!

There is more but this will suffice for now. Fantasys is the leader in the hookup Industry and we won't stop until we're NUMBER ONE IN THE WORLD!

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