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Windsor,Ontario Housewife
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08/30/2022, 09:17:23

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Hi.I'm, Christine from just over the bridge in Windsor.I'm a very
confident,secure wife and mother who during the day works in the
legal profession.
But there's other times when the other side of me comes out.I like
performing with others in front of my husband..and not only does he
likes to watch me..he encourages it.Not only that..but he also sets me
up with dates.
When I get the call at my office that I'll be meeting someone that
evening..I get instantly wet and I'm useless for the rest of the
day..just thinking about it.
Knowing that as I'm shaving legs..I'll be spreading them for another
man..that when I'm shaving my'll be for a man I haven't met
yet to enjoy.
Sexually,I'm open to just about anything.I prefer anal..and can have
multiple orgasms anally.I can also have multiple orgasms by performimg
By husband is always present..not only to protect me..and to enjoy
watching me perform...but also to see that I'm used in the way I
like.To tell you when to just lay back and enjoy my warm mouth..and
when to hold my head and use my mouth as another hole.When to ease
into me..and when to treat me like a piece of meat.
If you have a problem with him being present..then maybe you should pass.
We usually have a fixed rate for a 2-3 hour session..but no one ever
looks at a watch.

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