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Re: Ever Want To ??? Youe buddy's Wife?
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Posted by: tigerflyrose
05/31/2022, 13:36:38

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i always want my husbands buddy
does that count
You just got done a round of golf.He invites you over for drinks.I'm laying out on the deck in the nude working on my tan.You bring your drinks outside..I don't even bother throwing anything on.I have mirrored sunglasses I can see your eyes but you can't see mine.I watch you as I slowly spread my legs..what you don't I already knew he'd be bringing you over..and why..

Hi everyone,I'm Christine.A mature,sexually uninhibited housewife from just over the bridge in Windsor,where prostitution is legal.From time to time we like to add some excitment to our sex lives by hubbie loaning me to others as an hookup.This is not my day job so we do it for fun and pleasure..not to pay the bills.

Hubby makes all the arangements and is there to provide for my safety and to ensure I perfrom to his expectations.If you're comfortabel he'l take pics and share them only with you.If you're not comfortable with him being there..then maybe you should pass.There's a lot of other great looking hookups out maybe it's best if you just move on.

If you are comfortable with him being there..then you should know I can have multiple orgasms anally and by giving deep throat.I very uninhibited and also sexually submissive..just tell me what you want me to do.

We have a flat rate of $250 US for a 2-3 hour anything goes session...but who wants to lookk at a clock when you're having fun?

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