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Wild Vacation
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04/10/2022, 14:30:32

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Hi All,New poster so I'm trying to figure this all out.....Just returned from 10 days on Margarita Island at a place called MY WILD VACATION....... a great time.... I thought about going on my own at first and then decided on doing the package thing and am I ever glad........Everything was Included in the $2550.00 package price.... Room, Food, Drinks, Companions and a couple of excursions........... I had a different companion for 24 hours everyday while I was there 3/15/06-3/25/06 and they give you an extra companion for One day and I couldn't resist and had extra companion for one more day although I did have to pay extra.....Altogether I had 12 different Girls while I was there and what a great time Parties in the Pool, on the Patio, Great food and more sex than I've ever had in my life...They said I set a new record for number of times in one day (9) What a Great Two for One that was ....Rena and Natasha... Bi as Hell and just couldn't get enough....Thank God for Cialis.....I'm adding some picks.... They will tell you more than I could ever explain...Hope they all make it .....They told me they would give a group discount of 10% so I'm going to try to put something together if any one is interested...... Send me an Email
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