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Female hookups in Kentucky at Fantasys!
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Posted by: Fantasys
03/08/2022, 08:11:29

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Louisville hookups has Danielle and Victoria (with our original gorgeous SOPHIE coming back home this weekend!) Today, stand in line and take a number with these two fellas!

Lexington hookups today feature cute little Blue eyed Blonde Kristi, Ally and CASEY! Plus we may have a surprise guest pop in here later this afternoon for our CLIENT CODE holders (<-- that thing is holding LOTS of weight these days with the local l.e. problem in Louisville, huh? Some of our "competitors" won't even see you unless you're a Fantasys C.C. holder! Guess that makes us visionaries or something.)

hookup Jobs: Since its the slow period for the biz, our job request apps have gone through the roof! Understandable. Everyone in the biz seems to be scared to death to see anyone new. Apparently we're looking VERY attractive to the independents this month as a viable alternative to poverty.....hope you're near perfect if you're applying. and .net. generating lots of interest this month, everyone wants to know when we're going to open the doors to it because the clients are scared ???-less that the ding-dongs that they have seen in the past might have kept their info in a laptop or cell phone somewhere and m a y find themselves answering some uncomfortable questions to the cops or worse yet to wifey poo! You guys better hope that YOU showed good judgement when choosing the who you, everyone wants in on this APA thing so they can have a "cop free" environment to work from. And the clients wants the .net version going so they can rest easy. Okay, we're working on it. The hobbyists and enthusiasts can blame the providors and services on most of the hold ups, they're not all very open to sharing info to help protect us all......dummies!

Feature Editors: We'll let you know more about that next week.

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