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02/14/2022, 11:10:43

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First: Knoxville hookups has a visitor coming Wednesday with Danielle!

Second: Louisville can welcome Brand New Providor Lisa to the area! Recently relocated from N.Dakota (don't blame her!) she is looking forward to making new "friends" later this week. 20 years old, dark hair and eyes, 5'8, 135lbs, size 7, fresh face-super nice and cute as a button!

Today's Lexington hookups has CARRIE, Ally and Devon available for requests.

Louisville hookups are DANIELLE (more new reviews at TER!) and VICTORIA (more new reviews at TER and TBD!) ! Gorgeous, simply gorgeous. Maybe even perfect..

Ohio hookup news: DINA is being relocated there this week to provide more great Fantasy Service to the greater Cincinnati area that includes Lawrenceburg & Rising Sun IN, N.KY, Dayton and Columbus areas. It may be somewhat difficult to see her so make certain your reservation requests are filled out properly please.

Updated tour stuff for February and March : Nashville is on the list for Victoria next week, Indianapolis at the end of the week and Ohio the week after.

Carrie is making her way to Asheville NC. in March as well as Hilton Head SC. and Savannah GA. then Knoxville. Atlanta will be thrown in there sometime or other.

Chasity going down to the Western end of KY next week to visit Paducah! They'll be glad because the local scene sucks big time (no pun intended) then over to Evansville, IN. to bring some good cheer to the Hoosier at long last.

Ally visiting Huntington and Charleston next week to spread the gospel. We heard your prayers fellas and we're here to help!

hookup Directory news: A couple of our directories message boards recently went to NUMBER ONE over at! Man, that was quick!! We predict that no less than 40 more will hit the coveted Number One status over the next 6 months. One providor told me she is pulling $5,000.00 a month off of her FREE listing at FEG with us! WOW! You lucky m.f! That's more than "I'm" pulling from it girl, ???. Sentinel and I are so doggone busy that we haven't had time to list my own web-sites there! In the coming year THE GUIDE at FEG ( ) will have so many resources available there that you simply won't be able to ignore it, you'll see.

Arrogance: Yep, that's my work persona. And it's Bothering me to no end too. I hear that ??? on a daily basis. And it's NOT what people that know me personally have to say at all, least of all the ones that work with us. Nor our peers that we work closely with (except my buddy Tim over at KYSweethearts! LOL! I'm not denying it Tim, I'm Convinced!). It's bothering me so much that I even have to say something about it obviously. Okay, here goes. If I've offended you, I apologize. It isn't my intentions-usually. When I go into "work mode" I am a completely different animal, I'm in "character" and I don't have a great deal of compassion for people I perceive as idiots on the phone. When I'm writing these little things I've already started answering phones so I'm in character and I can be a bit raucous. Sorry fellas. The moment I pick up the phone I'm basically in a defensive-suspicious mode and I don't trust ANYONE and I have absolutely no tolerance for people I consider idiots. *The idiots are the ones that are insulting to the girls with the way they refer to them, the language they use, the STUPID ass ??? they say or ask that they shouldn't- they know they shouldn't be saying that nonsense, the ding-dongs that complain about the price (?! call someone else obviously) , the knuckleheads (google surfers) that offer a $100.00, the absolutely ridiculous ones that ask PERSONAL information about the ladies we promote (is she married, have a boyfriend, is she ?safe?", have kids, does she see certain nationalities, does she get high-smoke pot-do blow-etc, will she drive 100 miles for a one hour appt, blah, blah, you get the picture. SO PLEASE don't call or email if you're a knucklehead!

hookup Directory Stuff: We're covering BBW, Mature, Gay, Independents, Agencies, TS-TV, Gay, Fetish, Dommes, Hobbyists, Directories, Reviews, Referalls/locator (by State-area code-zip code-reviews-gender-popularity and more), Advertising, Porn Star (PSE), Web Sites, Hosting, Jobs, Phone numbers, MSN hookups, everything that deals with the hookup Industry is covered and available so watch for those.

**INDUSTRY NEWS**:: Adult Providor Association (.com)! Yep, we're going to introduce one. An association BY hookups (only!), FOR hookups (only), to promote harmony, peer communication, safety, L.E. news, a possible DATING group for us to hang with (! who else can we relate to, really?), local noteworthy news, internet news, meeting and eating dates, parties, socials, investment stuff, verification services, referall services, industry news, and dozens more really neat stuff. I'm envisioning this to run with autonomy as much as possible. It is by INVITATION and RECOMMENDATION ONLY and you must be recommended by a minimum of 2 of your peers, be in the 'biz at least a year, have a good repoire' within your area, be recognized as a contributor to the lifestyle and that's about it. From there you'll be voted on by your peers within a CLOSED members only area for membership consideration. The benefits over the long haul will be obvious in the coming years. I'll share more on the Association at a later date. Fantasys is always looking for ways to help our peers become empowered while raising the standards for the industry and this is one of my personal future projects towards that goal as well as being a personal project for me that's close to my heart.

More news later!!~

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