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Kentucky hookups at Fantasys!
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02/11/2022, 11:33:04

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Good Afternoon Gentlemen!

Is everyone ready to see some Kentucky hookups this weekend?! It's busy already so get those providor references ready and give us a buzz! We'll need about two days to verify your reference info like work, home, providors, etc, but then you're good to go and you have the leisure of making those last minute requests after that.

The gorgeous VICTORIA and Danielle are both available in Louisville this weekend for a change and Carrie will be visiting there Saturday with Dina visiting Cincinnati Saturday morning.

Lexington hookups today has Dina, CARRIE, ALLY, Devon, Carmen and Chasity making appearances in the Lextown all weekend for incall service or outcall services.

DOMME news: More cool stuff there with MORE accessories and more options at our makeshift Dungeon from the Mistresses!

Other news: Watch for to pop up in a few days, it sure is pretty and it will feature various languages for our International following! is going to feature more stuff for the hookup Enthusiast. Originally it was intended to be an advertising site aimed at Providors needing a simple place to find all of their advertising needs to promote themselves but we felt that we could really serve both markets with it since I have http:// coming up for hookup Services to be listed at so what the hell-we'll take care of both the markets. (neat graphics from the Kama Sutra) is a neat conceptual site we're doing that everyone should love. Every hookup Review site on the net that we can find will be listed there so multiple searches can be done from one simple place. has its own directory and message board. Presently it is sending you to THE GUIDE at FEG, however we'll give it a unique face soon. is a site aimed at the Independent Female hookups market and I admit that it isn't my cup of tea because I really associate negative things to independents because we've had such poor experiences with them over the years as being thiefs who start with agencies to build themselves up (no problem with that) and then start stealing as they plan their exit in a cowardly fashion. Not to mention the dumbass ??? that everyone knows about...anyway, we hope to make it work becuase it is a market that people like to use with quite a bit of enthusiasm so we'll do our best to make it right and make it work for those people. ( I REALLY sound enthused, huh?LOL!) is naturally aimed at the big girl market and to be truthful I expect it to absolutely thrive with activity because those big girls are pretty dedicated to community interaction! Sentinel wants to add all kinds of nonsense to it because he likes the big girls and the old babes but so far I'm nixing just about every idea he has thrown out there so far. If you have ideas or suggestions send 'em in to us. is rather self explanatory and we won't even go into that but suffice to say, we're "hitting it" so you can count on that in the coming months. (no pun intended)

Big Thank's to everyone for being so patient as we make the transition to being less "reachable" and more secure. We appreciate how understanding you've all been since the cops have been making everyone in the 'biz so ???ing miserable. Hey, it isn't personal. They have a job that they chose to do and we have ours so this "us against them" thing will just be an irritant that we'll all have to deal with.

Victimless crimes aren't my idea of law enforcement to be honest and it simply stumps us why they pursue it with such vigor, I mean-who is complaining here? Dumbass leftover and mis-interpreted Judeo-Christian views is my leaning......and its such a bunch of bull??? too. I PERSONALLY know of numerous politically connected guys that use women-for-pay to get their jollies but those self same knuckleheads put on such a front for the voters and their peers....I like former President Reagan's stand on such matters that he may not approved of but didn't interfere with. He just dummied up and wouldn't make a stand on it. Smart. Example: He didn't approve of abortion but he wouldn't go against it either because its a pretty popular form of birth control for women. And women do vote after all...

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