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Lexington Kentucky hookups today plus some cop tips from Fantasys!
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02/08/2022, 12:37:05

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Lexington hookups today features DINA, Ally, Carrie, Chasity and Devon for incalls or outcalls with 2 providor references! We have staff members on duty who can track down your references fellas- not to worry...(a neato "de facto" . This morning I checked our traffic stats at (you can verify it) and our little bitty old local Kentucky website recently surpassed "" in unique traffic! Amazing, simply amazing. This is a Kentucky hookup website bear in mind-not a nationwide hookup directory....FemaleCompanions was "the most popular" female hookup website at Yahoo Directory until only recently and they are a Paid Listing by the way. Too bad its set up poorly because the potential is there...Eros owns that by the is going to blow it out of the Yahoo directory this year!)

Client Code holders may phone directly for requests and attempt last minute reservations, all others require a minimum of two days while we verify your information and providor references just to be on the safe side for you AND us.

Sorry for the hassles guys but local l.e. has become a tad bit more resourceful in recent months and are calling from pre-paid cell phones (as well as nextel phones in lexington) in Kentucky, Indiana and Tennessee and using FAKE REFERENCES (that are also cops) in addition to using a Lexington providor as a reference that was busted recently (?coded!snitch!) so everyone in the 'biz is cinching in the old belts and making it more difficult for you guys (and them) to see anyone. TBD, TER, RS2K members may speed the process up a bit..maybe.

Providors: Don't fret-but-Don't think we're so damn smart-this IS what these ???ers do for a living after all.....and NO they Are NOT driving to hell and back just for a simple cell phone ding dongs, jeez. It's quite simple: when you purchase one the Phone Number assigned is based upon the Zip Code you provide when you call and activate it....example: I just bought one at the local mini-mart and punched in "37201" and it gave me a 615-xxx-xxxx phone number which is based in it. It may be time for you to do what we do and subscribe to a paid information service so you can do background checks on these guys......we're about to become an affiliate of one so we can be a reseller for someone else's stuff . We'll announce it when we do and you'll find it under "providor resources" at when its ready.

Another thing to be careful of is not to become too dependent upon rituals. Just because the guys references checks out doesn't mean that he is WHO he says he is. ???, that info may be from some ??? they busted and threw in jail and they'll use it to bust You and throw you in jail! You'll have company though, they are popping them left and right in Louisville. Scary ??? for the independents. I hope THEY don't keep records on you guys.....

*Another tip: Here is one funny as hell that you'll appreciate. One called me recently and being the smart ass that I AM (no denial here baby) I thought it would be funny to see how stupid I could make him feel since I had a crowd around me and presuming that he did too (I know, I know, it's wrong to abuse my IQ and I won't do it again) so I let him get his best spiel out to see how many lies I would have to work with (I have some residual cruelty left over apparently) and as lackadaisically as I possibly could sound I asked him a few questions to lead him to believe that we were indeed sending him someone (he was getting excited too because he thought he was getting the "sale"!) and at the last moment when we were agreeing to a particular TIME I said "oh ??? bob, we have requests from everywhere right now-we better make sure that we're on the same time-*what time is it on Your watch right now?* "10pm." Duh! Uhmm, the upshot was that he argued that HIS watch said 10:00 pm and I argued that MY watch said 11:00pm (but really it said 10pm also) so we couldn't possibly send her at 11 because it WAS 11pm (he requested an 11pm appointment). Okay, In case you guys didn't get it : his flight had JUST got in from home 30 minutes ago (which was Nashville). Duh, they're an HOUR behind us on time....yep, we all had a good laugh at that one. He was so ???in' mad he screamed an obscenity at me and slammed down the phone! Jeez fella, take it easy, it isn't personal--its just work big boy. You're going to have a coronary before you make it back home to Chi-town to see the kin folks.

Cop tips: Once you walk in the door they are going to over-charge you with ??? you are NOT guilty of (which SHOULD BE ???IN ILLEGAL-and we are addressing that very thing with MY Attorney now) and you are basically popped then and there so keep you goddamn mouth shut and not ??? yourself worse. It Will Not go any easier on you regardless of what the nice officers say so let Your Attorney work it out with the prosecutors-its what you Pay them for. They'll do the usual "good cop-bad cop" ??? to frighten you (don't sweat it-Everyone gets scared but It Will Pass) and a lot of the time they'll even speak "bad" of each other ("oh honey Todd said that det. bob was an ??? and no one here likes him,". yeah right, dummy!) don't buy it! "birds of a feather....". So you may wish to subscribe to one of the nationwide attorney referall services like "prepaid legal" if you're a traveling independent so in the event that you do get popped you'll at least have counsel available. Your attorney Does know what you do, right? Leading a double life can have consequences.....I know personally, I lost EVERY???INGTHING because of a couple of asswipes (plus my godawful temper). Today we have a great deal more resources to work from and to work with. Use Them!

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