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My "bigdoggie" posting that was deleted by the KY mod Saturday
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01/30/2022, 07:19:58

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My humorous posting at "tbd" that was deleted by the KY board moderator. It is Clearly a funny posting and completly self-deprecating as well as a very public jab at MYSELF and my OWN experiences, however the woman that moderates the Kentucky board at bogdoggie saw fit to delete this, stating that it was "to assinine to comment on" (!) What?! That, in and of itself IS an assinine comment and totally uncalled for. BUT, rather than point out the obvious insecurity issue (not to mention Bias insecurity issues!) and wonder what the hell does my Premium membership purchase at we'll let our ONE MILLION VISITORS judge it and share their thoughts on it! Here it is again in its entirety:
Subject: Florence hookups Saturday Morning and Glib Humor!
*With Casey!*
Carrie in Lexington is great for a "nooner"! 859.225.6099.
Have TWO Providor references ready boys and girls (and NOT those three that
keep getting busted please). Yep, I went there...
Two new girls starting Saturday night in Lexington-Ally and Chasity
(standing 4'11), One more Tuesday in Lexington (hot and new and ONLY 18!
needs a name though...hell with it we'll just start giving them numbers),
one more Monday in Louisville (another hot young dark haired 20 year old
newbie-beauty to the biz!), another not-so-new-but-cute-as-hell Fantasy
Companion in Columbus-plus Jaimie in the Cincy area plus something else...
I think. Maybe. Yeah, *NEW PHOTO GALLERY COMING* so we can quit
firing-and-rehiring these goddamn idiots and just stick 'em in the back bin
to suffer poverty for being fu-kups (or having lazy bums for b.f.'s) , or
for getting F A T (striking a deal with jenny crack or jenny craig this
week-I hope. This ??? has totally gotten out of hand...if we keep Giving
the other agencies our Rejects they'll all be buying new Hyundais in a few
more months. (You go boy!).
~Bottom feeder news (now that someone else is occupying it besides us!): (<--ISN'T IT PERFECTLY CLEAR THAT I SAY I'VE BEEN THERE FELLAS? M~)
Cheer Up! The local market place is far from bottoming out boys and girls.
After years of plotting, research and experimentation the (s)experts at
Fantasys have determined that there is indeed a HUGE market for the
$175.00-$225.00 p.h. slots. Your phones will ring off the hook with
"Google-guys" fresh from the check-exchange begging to give you their money
(or the bonus check from the plasma center). This particular "google-type"
target audience is so damn thoughtful they're even willing to meet you at
the nearest rest area to help you save money on incalls.
(<--THAT friends-is NO ???!)
"independent" Polls conducted by the (s)experts at Fantasys have even
suggested that this particular audience is so darn considerate of your time
that they will even meet you in your Home of all places-so you'll basically
need to do nothing more than role over....eyes open costs more of course.
*Hope for the dopes: In recent news the "buy here-pay here" lots in
Lexington have been forced to resort to repossessing good accounts from
illegal aliens just to meet the demand of the January influx of hookups and
agencies this year....and "rent a center" has become Lexington's most
popular "place to shop". Narrowly edging out mega-popular "walmart" as "THE
MONEY." Sorry Sam, shouldv'e bought "Big Lots" sooner pal.
Stay tuned next week for more "white trash chronicles".... as I remember them! (<--UH, DUH! AGAIN I SAY ITS *MY* ???ING MEMORIES)p.s. My all time favorite contributor Callia added this one to the mix:
Mike, Mike, Mike, ohmyGod, listen to this one. I overheard this at Z Salon
the other day. You will Really appreciate it Mike: "you mean "ta" tell me
that you pay people to scrub "yor" feet? God allmighty, why in the world
would you do that?"
(I guess a b.j. would be out of the question, huh)
END OF THAT POST: Anything wrong here? Doesn't it repeatedly state in some way or fashion that this is MY experience? Jeez, talk about "complexing!" Thoughts Gents and Ladies? for non-public comments that may jepordize your $$PREMIUM$$ MEBERSHIP at tbd and get you banned.
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