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Private Directory news plus local ???.
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12/23/2022, 09:59:04

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Morning Gents. We've just added our new public front for you guys that keep asking for website help. . <--(That's also the name of our server so you won't have any hang-ups there either.) You'll see this pop up in the local scene pretty soon as well as the local Yellow Pages. Everyone finds us through our adult websites from the numerous Number One Positions we occupy in the search engines, however its not "socially acceptable" to have adult affiliations for your corporate or company website so I set this up as a very non-adult, non-traditional advertising venue for you fellas that need help with your public presence on the web plus you won't have to answer silly questions about how you found us. As a matter of fact you'll see sub-domains of this site ( for [url]instance: or [url] ) pop up in many different Cities and States because its also going to be my peoples "public job" with a sort of "affiliate reseller" thing going on so they can present a more socially acceptable public image to their families and nieghbors. *(In addition to that each girl will also have a "Travel Agency" website that their reservations will go through so your hotel stays, credit cards, vacations, gifts, etc, will have a very discrete and acceptable billing name and wifey-pooh will remain in the dark)* Oh yeah, you're welcome! Anywho, Vanguard is the new name since I sold out Elite & DSLKY and you'll be able to take advantage of my incredible wisdom with its unending flow of ephemeral bull???. Nearly every option we're giving the adult stuff at and will be available to the "clean" Vanguard site. This will include but not limited to "website tuneups" where I come in and re-adjust & re-target the keywords and meta tags for your market, "website overhauls" where we take your existing website and make some visual changes, etc, as well as "Turn Key" sites which is totally fresh and new from top to bottom, and lots of other nonsense that people want and ??? I hate to ??? with but you guys want it so what the hey, its your dime brother, I'll take it. What else. Uhmm, all of the sites mentioned may not be immediately available at this time if you click on them, if they are they certainly aren't the finished product, I assure you. They are only now being readied on the chalk board. Rob (Sentinel) is busier than a one armed paper hanger with all of the hookup sites we're readying ourselves for the January 1st 2022 release. Speaking of. Man oh man am I excited about that stuff! We're hitting the Search Engines and hookup Directories with over a hundred hookup related websites so I can totally dominate the industry! This is the biggest project I have ever undertook and I must say that I've never been more "on". It's become an obsessesion. I go to sleep thinking about it, I wake up thinking about it, I doodle about it at dinner, I doodle about it in the strip clubs, I think about when I'm getting couch dances, I think about it when I see billboards and TV commercials, its on my mind every waking moment. Borrowing a few chapters fromSun Tzu's book "The art of war", Donald Trumps "The art of the deal" and whole lot of Anthony Robbins Personal Power( and maybe even Bill Gates to pull this off! Strategy! is everything: the vision, positioning, application, committements, the end goal, the benefits along the way, (it used to be broads-booze & money! Now its more like ding-a-lings-boozers & bills! LOL!) I totally intend to be number one in every market if it concerns hookups and I have every reason to believe that I will indeed achieve it. The really cool thing about this deal is how incredibly easy it has been. Apparently my particular career of choice is filled with idiots as opposed to business men that are intimately familiar with women, men, adult business' & success. Lucky me. My "people" aren't impressed at all, they seem to kind of expect it but I'm blown away. I think I'm the only one impressed with what we're doing these days, everyone else in our circle always give me that "look" like, duh, what do you expect?! Those few years I took off for "retirement" must've erased my memories too. My ex's, dates, employees, buddies, whatever, are not impressed and chide me for it often. I get the "what took you so long, of course you will, did you expect less," retorts & looks rather often. (whatever, I'm still impressed at any rate!) Every ".com" hookup site we're doing and its related ".net" site will feature a different description, a different look, a different target audience, a different everything really so I have the entire market place completely covered and cornered from every direction. For instance: independents, fat girls, t-girls, dommes, gays, Agencies, directories, hobbyists [/i[i]](I don't really care for those guys-they really are for independents-who I like even less) Enthusiasts (MY GUYS!! like You Guys-Real Men!!) Reviews ( I put a really interesting twist on this bad boy) Yellow pages (area codes, zip codes, States & Countries), message boards (*these are a real jewel because they have been designed from the beginning to go to number one positions on the search engines-which no one ever has done with a message board-but "I" already have!) [i][b]Referrals, domain registration, hookup websites, hookup hosting, reseller programs, travel agency ( for providors to "front and clean" their image and money. If there is any area I've missed I can't fathom what it would be. We're even selling turn-key hookup directories for those guys that see the incredible revenue potential of advertising dollars in the most popular "adult internet money" on the 'net. My future competition. Scores of "how to" e-books, you name it and we're putting it on the "net in a bigger & better mousetrap. That's it for today boys and girls, give me some feedback an this stuff and we'll see what we can do for you.
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