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Special announcement for Kentucky this weekend!
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12/10/2022, 10:07:27

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Hey Kentuckyiana! First for Friday in Lexington at the early afternoon hours.
Incalls & outcalls beginning at 11am today with Casey, Carriem Carmen and Devon all day and evening at our great $250.00 per hour rates, 1.5 hrs for $350.00!*Second in Louisville after 10pm with CASEY in Louisville for incalls ONLY (have 2 verifiable providor references ready or you won't see this cutie!), she'll be there all afternoon Saturday along with Lisa doing 2 girl specials for $400.00 per hour or alone for the usual $250.00 rates. Lisa is available for outcalls to the s.Indiana/Louisville areas all day Friday & Saturday by the way. If we have enough requests for Casey in Louisville Saturday we'll start doing this on a regular basis.**Third in Cincinati area Saturday with CARRIE! No acceptions here gents, if you're a pr-ck, you won't get past first base so you buckeyes better Be Nice and have your verifiable providor references prepared (don't worry-we have Everyones phone number).Lexington Sunday with Casey, Carmen, Devon and Carrie by Advance requests only. All reservation requests must be by telephone fellas, 859.225.6099.
* * Kentucky hookup Directory news: We've done a URL change to our top level domain for it at when its ready to be released (I am personally working on it now and boy is it neat!). Everyone (clients and hookups) are invited when its released however EVERYONE will need to be Verified and Pre-qualified by filling out a membership request for acceptance consideration. No Acceptions, this is planned to be a SAFE (free from L.E. & do-gooders eyeballs) premium membership based "local" hookup community covering all of Kentucky, the West Virginia border towns, the Tennessee border towns, Illinois border, Indiana border, and finally the Ohio borders.We're alotted a decent advertising budget for this place for premium placements everywhere (including Yahoo, MSN Canada & the UK even though its really a local place) as its planned to help replace the local Fantasys site (yeah! Less work for me!) as we work towards less public exposure and becoming more like we used to be for so many years. The acception will be my "competition" will be listed instead of me. So you gals & agencies will have the benefit of being listed in EVERY place of prominence ($$$Clients$$) plus benefit from my personal experience and expertise as well as have an incredibly elite clientelle base of all white collar professional Enthusiasts to do business with. THERE IS NO BETTER DEAL ANYWHERE ON THE NET THAN RIGHT HERE AT FANTASYShookupS.COM Period. You know it will be number one on every search engine under real world search terms, you know it will have a huge volume of clients and its like having a personal money tree a your disposal.There will be full profiles of everyone listed, direct contact phone numbers for the providors listed including pics, vids, voice links, your own email address, oodles of membership benefits, live community chat including voice and vid streams, options galore for you gals like someone to book your appointments for you (a professional phone op that I personally train) a community calendar of events and automated messages and a personal reminder service, hints and tips from my staff for help with your internet nonsense, discounts on the dozens of Fantasys "how to" E-books we have for sale, free submission service for your personal website,
The premium membership (the only one available actually) for providors has been expanded to 2 years for $120.00 and one year at the same price for clients, * That's $5.00 per month for hookups and $10.00 for Clients! As a providor you have all of the benefits of and DateCheck without the drawbacks. As a Client you also have the same benefits and more such as personal reviews, peer reviews, (including the bad ones -but you can at least refute them or explain why you were a "no-show", local dining recommendations, movie & book reviews, plus "free" membership into 42 other premium websites that I'm releasing. Go ahead , admit it, Fantasys is The ???!
Stay Tuned!~
FANTASYS! The Best GFE Services for over 20 years! Call 859.225.6099 for reservations. Sexy ONLY slender,prequalified and verified FS GFE, Fetish, Roleplays, Incall-Outcalls and more! hookup JOBS! GFE hookups in 50 States!
FANTASYS! The Best GFE Services for over 20 years! Call 859.225.6099 for reservations. Sexy ONLY slender, pre-qualified and verified FS GFE, Fetish, Roleplays, Incall-Outcalls and more! hookup JOBS! GFE hookups in 50 States!
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