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Kentucky hookup Tours! Nashville all week!
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Posted by: Fantasys
02/06/2022, 10:00:59

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Nashville hookups all week! New Kentucky hookup Tours!

Good Morning everyone! Fantasys hookup Service offerings today. By the way, Tuesday will be the official schedule announcement for this week so please watch for that Tuesday. Also, our Calendar is now completely functional and the very place to see all of this stuff that we e-mail out. Independents may also utilize it to announce their own tours and even get their own FREE calendar from Fantasys. "Ain't" that just so nice of Fantasys...I must be getting soft in my old age to just give away "free" clients like that. You're welcome in advance.

Cincinnati Ohio hookup JAIMIE available by request all week in Ohio. Fantasys Playboy Playmate Companion is booked solidly today however...must get those commitments in early gentlemen!

*NASHVILLE hookup SPECIAL ALL THIS WEEK!! CASEY available Tuesday through Thursday! *FRIDAY TWO GIRL BLONDE FANTASY SPECIAL with CASEY and KRISTI Together or ONLY Kristi Friday (but not Casey alone) and only available to the regulars that have been so loyal in their support to us-sorry boys, no new guys for the special. Verified Client Code Holders may phone for details. There will not be any hold overs on this deal gentlemen so get your reservations in no later than Thursday for the special. SATURDAY in Nashville and SUNDAY in Clarksville we have a special DISCOUNT available from one of Fantasys touring hookups. Raleigh NC hookup Hope is dropping in for a two day TN visit! Then over to Paducah KY Monday for incalls. Louisville Tuesday for Hope with Victoria. Wednesday and Thursday in Lexington for Hope.

Lexington hookups today are Kristi, Dina, Casey, Kara and Carmen.
Louisville hookup VICTORIA available and good news for Danielle B. (the one with the great Louisville reviews) fans, she will be coming back available again very soon. Evening appointments for Danielle.
Raleigh hookup Hope available until Friday.
Austin hookup ALLY available all week. Returns to TN KY and OH in March. It's on the Calendar...Client Code Holders will be able to make their reservations directly from the Calendar in March also. Credit Cards will be accepted again in March as well for your convenience.

hookup JOBS at Fantasys!

More new gals coming to Fantasys in March. A bunch more. By Summer we'll have another 40-50 to offer in many areas PLUS should be up and running by then so you'll also have our competition to select babes from on tour as well. is slated to be the hookup Service Directory for Upscale Agencies.
Birds of a feather..
Competing hookup Agencies will also be adding their tours to our hookup tours calendar in March also so watch for that. ONLY upscale Agencies with a proven history will be permitted to participate in this FREE opportunity. Just more benefits to being a "Verifed by Fantasys" Client Code Holder...see all of the kick-butt things I doing for you guys..I'm not all bad!LOL! Not this week anyway. A new "news" section is being added as well to our hookup Directory at FEG and the new Private hookup Community at . New from the world over that deals with the hookup industry. Unfortunately it's usually bad news...Sentinel is pulling for a Stupid Criminals in the news section but I don't care for the association-but it would be fodder for us to laugh about.

** NEW Beta Forum is now open for Pre-registration into our PRIVATE hookup DIRECTORY COMMUNITY. This is very very special Ladies and Gentlemen. The safest, simplest and most technologically advanced hookup directory community in the world today is coming and that just isn't "Mike hype"-its the real deal folks. I have not one, not two, not three but FOUR Webmaster genius' working on this beauty as well as dozens of volunteers so we can bring you this pristine example of what a real community is all about. Putting my usual marketing hype aside for a moment to tell you straight that this is THE place for everyone. Go join the FREE group so you'll get invited. Go there now and I'll approve your membership.

Aspring Webmasters, Programmers, Graphic Artists: We have a competition coming up boys and girls! Fantasys is assembling a new community for you guys and gals to show off your wares and talent$ in. More free money from FANTA$Y$ in your pocket ...any experience is welcome to apply, even if you're just full of ideas I believe that we can find something for you. Airbrush your talent? Flash? C++, PHP, name it and claim it. I will announce more about this soon so please watch for it because this is where you can claim your next career began.

hookup JOBS at Fantasys!

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