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Posted by: Fantasys
02/02/2022, 23:48:34

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*Good morning everyone! Hope this finds you in good cheer today and lots of success.

NASHVILLE hookupS: Last day for VICTORIA in the Music City. Nice venue for her and she does love that darn mall by the Grand ole Opry. Stay tuned next week for little bitty blue eyed blonde KRISTI to be making her next appearance there. Another sweet treat. Kristi will also be doing a day in Bowling Green so get yourselves verified so you can see her. Total little 20 year old hottie!

Lexington hookups today has the incredible CASEY fresh in from Louisville yesterday. Personally, I was disappointed at the turn out but she was okay with it. I've decided NOT to send her back over there to the River City anytime soon as a result. Those cheapo suckers are more accustomed to to "CHEAP" drama and more accessible independents than we care to deal with. I've never liked the Louisville market as a result. Local standards are W A Y to low for my people really. On the average a blue collar town with a no collar mentality... I LOVE Lexington and Nashville because we're all "uppity snobs" that appreciate the eXtra hard work that we put it to this deal. On the other hand, if you're in the $200.00 market turn out is overwhelming 24-7 but AGAIN you must deal with EVERY redneck piece of SXXT that can dial a phone. Too many drunks for me. A.A. must have a whopping membership in Louisville.

Cincinnati hookups at Fantasys are doing terrific again. We're dominating the search engines and that helps. I'm a Buckeye by birth so home is always a welcome place. It just takes awhile for us to sort you guys out properly and for you guys to accept us as well. Look for further developments in Columbus, Dayton and Cleveland as we continue to "cull the pack" for OUR kind of guys to do business with. Take's time to work miracles but JEEZ just look at our results!

Indianapolis hookups: I believe in this market wholeheartedly and I also believe it will just be a matter of time before we establish a nice presence there as well with our non-local constituents. We're helping to set up some tour stuff for the summer with other agencies. Get in on the mailing list for more releases about "Naptown" at the end of this message. We're planning to equal development work into Illinois hookups as well. I believe that there is more money in Indiana but the overall standards in Illinois are much higher outside of Chicago so I'm betting on Illinois as a great place in the future. Austin

Texas hookup ALLY! Love the girl, love the venue, love the scenery, don't care for the locals though. LOVE Corpus Christi....speaking of love..looks like Ally IS relocating up here to the Bluegrass State!! Watch for her to pop in this end of the world March 10th through the 16th.

Raleigh North Carolina hookups: I like the venue, like the people, like the weather..even with low standards I like the Triage area a lot. Our people stand out head and shoulders above everyone down that-a-way for obvious reasons.

Go have some fun guys!

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