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Playboy hookups! Kentucky hookups and more!
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Posted by: Fantasys
01/23/2022, 08:56:18

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* Did he just say Playboy hookups?! Yep. Our GORGEOUS green
eyed blonde & former Playboy Playmate of the Month-JAIMIE is
going to be available for a very very limited time for a change at
a special "Hobbyist Introductory Price" so she can build up
some new Cincinnati hookup regulars. Fantasys Exclusive GFE!

This is for a limited time only gentlemen and she will not
make exceptions later on when she goes back to her exclusive
rates so get in on this while you can! This Spectacularly beautiful
former Playmate is a Fantasys Exclusive as usual, engaging, very
charming and striking and based in the Cincinnati area. Busty,
completely all natural, tan, incredible smile, outgoing, intelligent and
the classic hour glass figure everyone expects from us here
at FantasyshookupService. We'll announce more about Jaimie
in a later segment plus we'll be posting some pics of her in the
members section for verified Client Code Holders. For those that
haven't yet- please go join our free MSN group for non-public
announcements for things like this and watch for our daily message
at our message board.

** Speaking of Beautiful Nashville hookups..the girl that most likely
should have been a Playboy hookup in our opinion is VICTORIA of
course and she is in Nashville Monday and Tuesday for VERIFIED
Fantasys Client Code Holders! It's no small secret that Miss Victoria
is my personal A.T.F. and for great reasons too. Listen to her stats:
5'6, 112lbs, ZERO BODY FAT, six pack, non smoker, flawless from
head to toe, (even has nice hands and feet!), superb dresser, stylish
as heck, funnier than a professional comedienne, a super bright
smile, great conversationalist on nearly any subject, warm, sweet
and inviting, just the right amount of kinky and lustful..a joy to
experience in every way and to see Victoria is as simple as being a
current Fantasys Client Code Holder in good standing. Pricing? WOW,
only $300.00 p.h, $450.00 for 1.5 hrs and $550.00 for 2 hrs. Which
will be going up soon to match the national independent hookups average..

Speaking of A.T.F.'s and girls that should be a Playboy hookup...CASEY!
I'm fortunate enough to know her personally and have the pleasure of
speaking to her everyday so I can honestly laud her beauty, sensuality,
wit, flawless ZERO BODY FAT hard body figure, perky boobs, flat tummy,
bright smile, open candor and Perfect hookup Reviews (all 4 pages of them!)
Casey just came back from a super Nashville trip where she is always
extremely well received. Easily one of her favorite venues to visit and
SHOP at (loves that darn mall!). Casey followed up in Nashville after
ALLY about ten days ago when Cincinnati hookup JILL went home.
Speaking of Ally, we have more standing overnight requests for her
than all other Fantasys girls combined. Apparently Nashville is a
Redheads town...Ally will be back down there in March gents and she
will also be sliding into MIAMI next month with Casey...make your
reservations now fellas because they will go quickly together! In the
meantime all of you Austin hookup locals can see our "Uptown Girl" .
Fantasys Exclusive GFE!

Lexington hookups, no small secret that I surround myself with the hotties
up here in Lexington that you just can't see any other place or any other
time. I admit it, I'm a snob so I locate the BEST right here with me,
can you blame me? Lexington is home to Casey and she is available today
and Tuesday, Wednesday in Cincinnati and the rest of the week in Lex.
Dina, Kara, Carmen and KRISTI-my little bitty blue eyed blonde buddy
is undergoing an image change with us. She started out in the biz with
us and dipped into that independent thing and simply doesn't like it out
there so she has come back home where she belong$. Say's she misses
the healthier hobbyists that we she likes the family appeal
that being with Fantasys has....good for you Kristi! Welcome home.

Texas hookups in Austin with ALLY! Do we really need to say anything
more about this fabulous 19 year Austin Texas hookup than we already have?
Hourglass figure, bright green eyes, 5'5, ZERO BODY FAT, SEXY! Avaialable
down thataway in TX and preparing to join Casey in Miami soon then back
to the Southeast areas in March. Advance reservations recommended.
Fantasys Exclusive GFE!

Cincinnati hookup JILL available full time by request in Ohio again. Another
Fantasys Exclusive GFE! Long blonde hair, dancing blue eyes, bright smile,
sexy, sensual-ALL GFE- great reviews, a knockout from every angle!
ZERO BODY FAT again, Guys tell me that she is the ULTIMATE...Columbus
plans for her once a week plus Lexington and Louisville too! We'll have the
dates on our new Calendar so everyone will know who is where soon.

Raleigh hookup HOPE available in North Carolina. A genuine sweetie with
silky dark hair, brown eyes, a classic busty hour glass figure a knockout 34C-24-34
stats. Very genuine and sweet. a size 2/4 at 5'3", 105lbs. I didn't spend enough
time with her when she toured to get to know her so I really can't say everything
that probably could be said on her behalf. Give us some feedback and I'll share
it with everyone in another rant!

18 year old Louisville hookup Whitney available for Incalls and limited outcalls.
A professional model by trade, very firm and busty, about as kinky as any
18 year old can be at that age.....lots of zeal for the job though! A Fantasys
exclusive as usual and very willing to explore some things....

Plans, plans, plans: More than I can put in here today but this is a great start.
We're doing a great deal of running changes all year as we continue
to expand our offerings, ladies, areas, options, target audiences so
we have more mass appeal rather than be so select so we can attract a broader
client base than we have historically. I'm actually making a concerted effort to
be more patient with those guys that have a tendency to be deaf and blind....
so I'm toning it all down a few degrees for the more conservative people
that do not appreciate how terrifically brash, direct and honest I really am!
Can't Imagine why anyone would be offended by me....okay, I'm a "tool"
quite often, I admit it and maybe someday I'll graduate from another
12 step recovery program for meanies so some of you guys will show your
gratitude and respect to these magazine quality ladies we bring in by adhering
to the rules a little more closely like grown ups do...if you only knew what we
do through to get these lovely fresh girls in here...!

* Our new hookup Agency website STILL isn't ready-doggonit. Jeez I hate
being a perfectionist. HOWEVER, when it is finished you are going to
LOVE it. Simplified, thoughtfully written out, step by step directions,
numbered links, multiple State pictorials with biographies, an interfaced
calendar, a radio station, voice clips, video clips (FUN!), a neat
bunch of gimmicky stuff that I personally love and Sentinel hates, a
fabulous message board system that maybe a first in the industry...
a much much simpler verification form-with instructions
(which means I designed it instead of those web geeks), more verification
options, more model info, a kick-butt ladies only section and hookup Jobs
section that you guys won't see but the girls will dig the heck out of
because it has "STUFF!", a public chat room where we will conduct
chat meetings every Sunday for some fun, a cool hookup Reviews
section that will have an interesting twist to it. A new e-mail
thing for those of you that like to read this nonsense I write too.
hookup JOBS! 859.225.6099

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FANTASYS! The Best GFE Services for over 20 years! Call 859.225.6099 for reservations. Sexy ONLY slender, pre-qualified and verified FS GFE, Fetish, Roleplays, Incall-Outcalls and more! hookup JOBS! GFE hookups in 50 States!
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