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Misty is Home! Casey is Home! Danielle is DUMB-err Home! Victoria is Gorgeous!
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Posted by: Fantasyshookups
09/18/2022, 21:16:52

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Wow, did I really say that?! Yep.

Misty and Casey are both home in Lexington Monday-RESERVE THEM QUICKLY! Danielle A is canceled for the Nashville trip. Victoria is as beautiful and stunning as ever and is open for business. Danielle B has a tight school schedule so give it a try if you have a Client Code. (required to see a Fantasys girl fellas)

Carrie has a new review-hot as ever with 3 hour minimums.
Misty has new reviews! Casey has new reviews!
Danielle has new reviews!
Kristi has new reviews!
Carmen has new reviews!

Jaimie is going back to Atlanta! Misty, Casey and the Moderator are going on a multi-State tour this coming week! VA is on the map. FL later, San Diego and Lahoya CA too!

New GORGEOUS Texas hookup coming up for a visit! Watch for HER new pic in the members areas. Houston hookups will be SO-O-O darn envious!

Our State hookup Directories are climbing up the charts-Ladies get IN ON THIS WITH ME! has a ton of requests since we're about to be a Nationawide Client Screening and Bokking Service for Independents and Agencies, Yeah!

hookup is OUR website by the way but YOU can utilize it Ladies! Speaking of Socials...the Ohio Social and the Nashville Socials are coming up and Fantasys will be there in Force boys and girls! Want to meet the girls? Show up! Want to meet the smart ass that hangs up on your dumb ass? Show Up because I WILL BE THERE TOO!

hookup Service Jobs with Fantasys hookups! The Number One Ranked ALL GFE hookup Service in the entire South East for 24 years! We DOMINATE the Search Engines that matters with 92 hookup web sites baby and YOUR website can do it too if you buy one from us!! Oh yeah, for some other ???.

hookup Interviews? for up close and in your face f**k off attitudes by the Nations Private Companions-and guess who the hell interviews you gals? ME!! Oh glory, what fun this will be...PMS does NOT mean "putting up with Mikes ???" according to Callia...yeah right! Just wait 'til I get YOU on the hot seat girl! The ELITE hookups in Kentucky by Fantasys for so many years we're losing count!


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