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hookup Kentucky by FANTASYS hookupS!
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Posted by: Fantasyshookups
09/13/2022, 11:45:16

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More new additions to the Kentucky hookup scene! We're adding an entire ensemble of new players in the biz in every little imaginable burg on the map in the coming months. You'll be able to find them at
Local Female hookups in Kentucky news: Lexington KY hookups today has CASEY, MISTY, DANIELLE A, LISA, SHANNON, CARMEN, KRISTI, KARA, CHASISTY.
Louisville KY hookups are: JILL, VICTORIA, DANIELLE B,
Owensboro KY hookups are: SHANNON and KARMA.
London KY hookups are: JENNA and Genia.

Louisville Wednesday is CASEY and VICTORIA:
Nashville Wednesday and Thursday is MISTY!
Lexington Wednesday with Kristi!
In addition to Owensboro, Paducah, London, Barbourville, Corbin, Hopkinsville, Bowling Green, Frankfort and some other obscure small towns along the interstates. (HEY, watch what we're doing. It runs all the way from Georgia to Ohio, Independent Ladies will especially want to get in on this with our Calendar!M~)

The girls that have applied with us for hookup Service Jobs and can't quite meet my guidelines for working with Fantasys (i.e. sizes 1-7, etc) are all going into our informal hookup Directories at locally. B.T.W. we are doing the same thing with,,,, and in the months ahead. Poor old Sentinel is jumpier than a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs as a result!LOL!

Presently you'll find a number of ladies mentioned in our (watch for the Calendar!)and when we send out E-mails regarding who is going where and when on the road...

We have right around 300 potential local hookup girls that have applied with us this year that don't really meet my stringent standards for becoming a "Fantasys hookup girl" for various reasons (I am SO-O-O damn particular about who is associated with MY name) so we decided that rather than continue to pass up all of the opportunities available with these girls in the less popular areas we would put everyone into Fantasys State hookup Directories (like an extension of eventually) so the hookup hobbyist could still count on a name that you can trust and getting what you want at the same time-they just don't have the same high standards that our "public" girls have...we're big about progress towards perfection.

If you've ever received an E-mail from Apres Vou you'll get the idea perfectly. They are an Excellent Agency (right in line with Eli Agency in Europe-fabulous people) with top notch Ladies that we admire tremendously and are an inspiration to all Agencies because of their longevity (even longer than my old ass!LOL!) and professionalism (rather than hookup Services-which are really just local yocals), we've simply expanded on it to include non-Fantasys Ladies, including Independents- with our Fantasy hookup and Fantasy hookup as part of our promotional efforts to help UNIFY OUR INDUSTRY and promote unity among the newer trustworthy providors and enthusiasts (hobbyists) just now coming into the business on the front end and begin "closing the doors" so to speak to the "offending" masses that really have no business poking their noses into all of Our Personal Lives and Personal Choices. (It's not a threat to national security after all-this is about YOUR PRIVATE LIFE)

Our particular industry is unique in the "business world" because it really is more than a matter of convenience-it serves individuals NEEDS-both real and imagined- and its absolutely a personal choice that should NEVER have government interference deciding the terms of who YOU will be intimate with (as if marriage isn't the same kind of contractual agreement ya ding dong?$).

As an American man that believes in freedom and autonomy the infringement outrages me, as a woman I can only imagine how frustrating it must be to have some unimaginative idiots dictating who you're going to be intimate with and exactly under what friggin' terms-while hoping he isn't a cop no less! (hey girls-Fantasy Client!) Ridiculous nonsense left over from the dark ages. (I believe its another example of well intentioned idiots deciding that THEY know what's best for you and by golly they will damn make sure that you'll abide by it-kinda like religious fanatics that didn't figure out that a personal relationship with you know who is exactly that-PERSONAL) So everything we're doing these last 6 months is Fantasys way of "policing ourselves" in the industry and leading by our personal examples to less dangerous yet more personal relationships with the people that have chosen to use the providor market as their dating grounds. Makes perfect sense to us. "Leading the way for everyone to enjoy better lives with personally empowering choices".
The APA is the future of the providors playground. Dig it!

p.s. "Hey, Officer Friendly, the yellow pages and Third street USA is inundated with the kind of people that you want to protect the public from-or themselves..."

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