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Posted by: Fantasyshookups
08/25/2022, 13:23:44

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Real quick Thursday in Lexington with Krisiti, Kara, MISTY, Danielle, Lisa and Carmen.
Louisville with Danielle B and VICTORIA.
Paducah with Shannon.
Friday announcements:

Continuing along with FantasyhookupTours and FantasyhookupReferrals we have Kristi in Florence Friday along with Jaimie for incalls! Verified Client Code holders may phone direct but we recommend making them in advance because CASEY is there today Booked Solid! for more

Lexington Kentucky hookups TwoFerDay guys! We haven't done these in awhile so here ya go with Fantasy Friday-Two girl specials!! and and

Louisville Kentucky hookups with VICTORIA and Danielle B! for pics and discounts and for either of the Danielle's in Lexington or Louisville.

Nashville hookup Shannon Friday and Saturday for incalls! for reservations and verifications.

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