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08/22/2022, 09:28:46

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Okay gents here goes: network begins this week! These are not concrete yet so bear in mind that there will be additions as well as deletions so its tentative at this point as we begin to get it all down pat for you in the months to come.

Lexington hookups Monday:
CASEY, DANIELLE A, Kristi, Kara, Lisa, Carmen, Devon and ??

Louisville hookups: VICTORIA, DanielleB, Sophie.

Tuesday repeats with addition of JILL in Lexington and The Dommes!

Wednesday hookups in Louisville KY: CASEY, Danielle B and ??

Wednesday Ohio hookups in Cincinnati: JAIMIE!!! Kristi!

Wednesday hookups in Lexington KY: Kristi, Kara, Carmen, Devon, Lisa and ??

Thursday Female hookups in Lexington: CASEY, DANIELLE A, Kara, Carmen, Devon, Jill and someone else...

Paducah KY hookups all week with Shannon and another newbie!

Bowling Green hookups, Radcliffe and ?? with Callia and Susan!

Friday is a twoferday so call Thursday and ask what the hell it means!!

Ladies interested in getting in on this give us a call at 859.225.6099. All verified and pre-qualified by services for free $$!! will take on new meaning with this kind of co-operation between us all. Watch for the new Calendar to pop up over there.

*NEW *NEW *NEW* Sunday Brunches are now being made available for non-Fantasys people!! Come join us for Brunch in Lexington Ladies and have some fun for a change with like minded folks in the biz just like YOU! Just call and ask me about it... for your hookup Socials party announcements!
hookup Agency Jobs available at Fantasys! 859.225.6099!$!
hookup Jobs at for Agencies to post and Ladies to find hookup Work!

Info Look Up for Client Screening at ! Running changes are being made so be diligent as we offer you free help!

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