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Lexington hookups - Louisville GFE hookup Thursday- 7/21/05
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07/21/2022, 10:04:58

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How do you spell relief?

V. I. C .T .O .R .I. A!

(much better than rolaids)

That beautiful Louisville hookup is in Lexington TODAY to grace our humble little City with her presence and it couldn't be a better time in our opinion, relief is on the way!
Probably the most beautiful, sweet and sexy companion in Kentucky today. Pound for pound, dollar for dollar, more smiles per mile-you simply cannot find anyone better locally OR on one of those tours. Just look at her pics and judge for yourself at

Totally Awseome. Her 5'6, 109lb hard body speaks volumes.

Also in Lexington today:

Casey, Danielle A., Carmen, Devon .

Frankfort, KY



Danielle B

North Carolina


Northern Kentucky's most mysterious companion. Exclusively
Fantasys, exclusively overnights and staying consistently requested for lesser hours but we aren't budging! Hey fellas, I "hit it" before she came on board, its worth it and considering what a "ho" I am thats saying a lot. Try it, you'll like it. I personally can't afford seconds at $1500.00 to summon the big guy upstairs but maybe some of you big spenders can.

Incalls and outcalls for VERIFIED NEW CLIENT CODE holders (DON'T SHARE THOSE WITH ANYONE-WE'VE BANNED TWO GUYS ALREADY ), to get pre-qualified simply fill out the Reservation request form at we'll take care of the rest for you. 24 years later as THE Kentucky hookup Service to use shows that we are a name you can trust to protect your privacy and anonymity-please return the favor....

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