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Posted by: Fantasys
06/13/2022, 11:53:22

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Starting a little earlier this week than usual.

Shew, lots of news in the hookup world today with hookup Blogs and hookup Socials popping up everywhere, especially in Kentucky since has their very own now so we have a lot to share. & .

First up at Fantasys Louisville KY hookups is that we have both of our popular "Danielles" appearing in the area until Wednesday for those that should expect the best darn GFE Service in the State. Both companions even share the same (accurate-no fudging!) description too with long dark hair, brown eyes, 5'7, 125lbs, 21 years old and ALL GFE. Sexy-sweet was never so easy to find in one place! I don't believe that anyone else has seen them both together yet...hint hint. We hear that the Lexington Danielle is on par with our girl Carrie...yeah, right. Keep talking fella-you STILL won't get her private number!LOL!

*** Our favorite GORGEOUS Kentucky hookup Victoria finally has a break in her tight schedule this week. 5'6, 109lbs, 34D-22-32, lots of stylish hair, and NO FLAWS anywhere-head to toe. She is without a doubt the total package because she is so utterly FEMININE and represents everything that a professional companion for hire should be. Real Life Examples: meticulously groomed, punctual, beautiful beyond reason, slender and petite with big hooters, teeney-tiny waist, a non-smoker (and doesn't bitch and gripe about those that do), well educated-widely read and can easily speak with authority on most subjects. HUMBLE, built like the proverbial "brick house", looks like a walking fashion statement straight out of "sex and the city", charming and witty, sweet as sugar and has an incredibly sexy voice so her overall demeanor really commands attention and you cannot help but become infatuated immediately. I hear this stuff about her everyday! PLUS-No freakin' Baggage or "bum stripper boyfriend"! It's best to submit your reservation requests in now because she always books up quickly.

Sophie in Louisville! That pretty blonde with the big hooters can be seen Monday-Wednesday and Friday thru Fantasys. She has the most unique Violet-Blue eyes you've ever seen, love 'em like a fat kid loves chocolate! A cute sprinkling of freckles make sit all the better.

CASEY! Need I say that she is based in Lexington with incalls, discrete outcalls and overnights available?! Petite and sexy little blue eyed blonde sweetheart! 5'3, 105lbs, young, sharp and new to the business. Oh yes, she also makes weekly sojournes to the Florence area and you could easily say that she is fast becoming THE Cincinnati hookup to see and her consistent top rated hookup reviews make that apparent.<--That's very unusual for hookup Service girls when you do a survey. All of the popular ones I've seen on the 'net are for "Independents" however nearly every single girl we agree to work with CONSISTENTLY rates near perfect reviews-and that alone speaks volumes about Fantasys standards and committment to excellence. "Truth can ONLY be proven by RESULTS". Our search engine presence (and damn near domination!) as well as the girls individual website rankings bespeak that much more of our experience than my daily raves ever could intice you. Our target audience is very specifc.

CARRIE! CARRIE! CARRIE! Back in the Bluegrass this week with 4 hour minimums. She does more overnights than all the other girls we promote COMBINED. Guess our marketing efforts for her pays off big time, huh?!$ Truth can only....she isn't only fantastic in the sack-she is so darn striking too.

Kara in Lexington. Tall and sweet, easy on the eyes and only 18. Not a rocket scientist but then again you wouldn't ask for one if you like 18 year old hookups in Kentucky, would you?! She is pretty sharp though in all seriousness. Really pretty with L O N G shapely legs. We don't know if she is going to be a "keeper" yet or not, hope so-she is a-ok with me.

Carmen in Lexington! Consistently great reviews, pretty as heck, built darn near perfect-all curves, been with us for about two years and plans to stay twice as long. Super nice "banana boobs", 20 years old, 5'6, 125lbs, hair style changes every week so I won't even bother saying, almond shaped eyes, nice in every way. Probably my favorite ding-dong to taunt and tease in the mornings and begin my day with on the phone. Always as professional as she can be and never gives us a moments worry. Sweet, outgoing and really wants to travel, BUT NO AIRPLANES PLEASE-she is afraid of flying! Takers?

JILL with Jaimie! Down In Texas for 2 more days then back up the road to Atlanta on their way back. This girl wants to do everything Carrie has accomplished in half the time. She is well on her way and developing a terrific following. If we did nothing more to advertise her she could easily stay busy the rest of the year. Always tan, 23 years old, 5'4, 105lbs, 34-22-34 figure, nice tight abs with a real genuine six pack, long wavy hair with blonde highlights and dark blue eyes. A killer smile too. Jaimie doesn't need introductions because she has been with me longer than anyone. The prettiest all-natural girl I work with today-love that "everywhere" blonde hair! Reminds me of Meg Ryan. Yummy!

Dina has a changing schedule so its a last minute thing for us everyday, just call and make a request-you may get lucky. She is going to be in Paducah for a week in July by the way.

The MISTRESSES! That stuff really isn't my area, I just do the hard stuff on this end but you can still call and I'll have them take it from there. That reminds me, male hookups need NOT apply here so PLEASE stop watching Richard Gere in American Gigilo! On the other hand if you're comfortable on your knees...I could give you a hand up so to speak. Ladies! Now that our popularity has reached the point where we run out of girls everyday I'm beginning to make those referrals to the local girls. If you're interested Ladies please feel free to visit there and specify that its the referral program you're interested in or you can even give me a call at 859.225.6099 for more. We're doing this in conjunction with our State directories that we control, like We verify the applicants and send you the stuff. Just call if interested 859.225.6099.
Sorry, no BBW's. for those

More new hookup Directory news. Just added and Plus some others to our impressive repetoire' of web sites for hookups and I am reformatting to make it more user friendly in the traditional hookup directory look (with a splash of color of course) ala' Yahoo. It will be the basic no frills directory in simple text with what you would expect and a and Enthusiasts. I'm gettin' old...

MOST IMPORTANT hookup DIRECTORY NEWS: is nearing re-release and its about damn time I say Sentinel!!! It's only six months behind schedule...The venerable Fantasys mainstay has been with me longer than any URL and is one of the adult pioneers in this business-as much as I am really.LOL! It's forwarded to FEG for now but it will be on its own again soon. The URL is so damn appropriate today- more than ever because it represents our interests on the International scope and will be at the forefront of the hookup scene in no time because this is where MY ADVERTISING BUDGET is going to go. It will not only have a direct link list to all of our stuff but to other important hookup directories as well. As it should be of course. It sure is pretty from a mans point of view. Bad Boy, Bad Boy, what ya gonna do..

Oh yeah. hookup ADVERTISING: 'Bout damn time someone in this business figured it out and got it right! Of course, it would be us since I came UP in the biz and have endured thru everything you can imagine. Here it is in a nutshell Ladies and germs; For a measley ass little Introductory price of $150.00 FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR you will be featured on about 78 of our websites with your banner SIMULTANEOUSLY (one You supply and we'll even throw in a mini banner for you for FREE if you don't have one) for a FRIGGIN' YEAR BABY! Oh yeah, when this deal is gone don't you ding-dongs DARE act like one of those whiney-ass sissies you cry about who missed the special and "feels" like we should accomodate you, it ain't burger king lady. There is no one in the business anywhere in the world that gives you even 1/8th of this, nothing close.

I know Advertising and Marketing for this business-as you can see from our search engine domination-and this stuff works$$$ Combine that with our hookup web sites and hookup hosting or "tune-ups" and you have a million dollar website on your hands. It don't have to be glamorous to make you a FORTUNE girly!$!

* Our "FANTASYS CLIENT SCREENING SERVICES" is the most highly anticipated release to this business in memory. I have SO MANY calls about this jewel. It's client screening where we verify your clients for you. A simple form and its done. hookup Service "wannabes" and Independent "wishIwas" people will line up for this. Don't fall for solicitors with their nonsense offerings...we did ONCE..we're IN THE BUSINESS.

The other deal we're trying to work out for you is the BOOKING SERVICE. A simple toll free number and you're assigned a mail box number where we schedule your appointments for you. It will have your voice greeting and some other stuff, simple. The software we have will handle 99 simulataneous callers but the damn thing is quirky and quirky isn't good enough to run a business with so we're putting it off for now until we can figure out what to do about it. It's pretty cool though.

PHOTOGRAPHERS: Godblessit sleasy sumbitches, geez! I friggin' hate 'em most of the time. I haven't met one yet that was either "A." as competent or PROFESSIONAL as they attempt to convince you of or "B." Whiney asses and crybabies or "C." excuse makers and sleazy "now spread your honey-pot baby" YUCK!!! The last husband and wife team we had do a set for us ended up with the girl phoning ME from the bathroom because wifey-poo got pissed at him for his inappriate suggestions and wifey-poo left and HE got WORSE! Naturally it ended up with you know who and his large trusty companion knocking the tee-total hell out of you know who and taking the negatives and the front fee back home. So we're still at a stand still in that department. I hear this nonsense every month from one of you girls. I wish to hell that these pieces.O.S. would just PAY for it like the rest....we plan to offer a section just for photographers that are recommended by providors, they will still have to pay a fee to be featured but their money is NO GOOD with us if they aren't recommended. Tired of this ??? buddy....LOL!

hookup Websites that work and make you a ton of potential money!$! is it. It's up, but not ready to brag about yet, but it is there. Everything we work on goes up the charts Ladies, bear that in mind please and you make THREE times as much money from search engines than you do message boards...Promise.

Okay, shower time. I hit this at 6:30am.

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FANTASYS! The Best GFE Services for over 20 years! Call 859.225.6099 for reservations. Sexy ONLY slender, pre-qualified and verified FS GFE, Fetish, Roleplays, Incall-Outcalls and more! hookup JOBS! GFE hookups in 50 States!
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