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Ky hookup, Lexington-Louisville-B.G. news.
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Posted by: Fantasys
06/09/2022, 10:31:01

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Lexington KY hookup, Louisville KY hookup, hookup Bowling Green news and Independent Kentucky hookup stuff plus more in todays headlines at Fantasys!
Louisville Kentucky hookup news for Thursday and Friday! SOPHIE is available today and tomorrow fellas! Hurry, hurry, hurry, she is booking Q U I C K L Y!!!

The Danielles: Louisville hookup Danielle is available today and Friday and also our Lexington hookup Danielle will be in Louisville all weekend and some of next week beginning Friday. We hear that she is the best darn kisser in the South East--ALL GFE at FANTASYS! SMOOCH!

Dina in Louisville this weekend too I think, call and see. Mature hookups in Kentucky already know everything a new one needs to know, hmm?!

***Hurray, CASEY is almost all better now and back to work!********
No better care anywhere than this 5'3, 110lb, Blonde hair with Blue eyes and tan all over! Young, Smart, Sweet, Outgoing, Professional, Clean and Sober (as compared to ????? in the biz! Smirk!), and we love her to death for it all, you will to! New *Client Code* holders may phone directly for reservations with Casey at 859.225.6099. All others stand in line and take a number!LOL! Oh yeah, try filling out that reservation request Form to see her, it'll help....

Kara: Possibly the tallest 18 year old hookup in Kentucky! Young, sweet, cute as a button and has a little Southern drawl too. All Good.

Carmen: One of my favs. Never met a stranger, and boy is she ever strange...! 21 years old, light complexion, dark hair and eyes, 5'6, 125lbs, nice "banana boobs"!

Jill: On her way to Texas bygod with Jaimie and digging the new lifestyle, good for her! Good for you to if you are one of the lucky guys that did a double with her an Jaimie in Cincinnati this week.! $?$ How the heck do you guys afford this stuff?

Jaimie is obviously going to be in the Panhandle this coming weekend. Are they really bigger down there...Ladies?

*Fantasys Client Screening Services* are available to the public sector now for the Independent hookups and hookup Services. If you think you know everything you need to know-what about the things you don't know? Better to Know Everything up front than to guess people, if they have something to hide.......Fxxk that! We're adding something new to our Members Areas once they are completed that everyone will appreciate. A Personailty Profile to match you with the perfect hookup! Make's perfect sense to me...we're considering adding it to the Reservation request Forms at our local hookup directories as a courtesy. We'll announce it when we do.

**Free hookup Blogs are now available at! Everyone and anyone can post there so "Let your fingers do the talking"! Or, "Let's give 'em something to talk about"...

*Latest hookup Directory Web Sites from Fantasys to talk about and and keep an eye on. These are for the NON-Fantasys hookups Ladies and it has a few twists, its FREE, PLUS we Verify EVERY applicant! There are some stipulations of 859.225.6099 for details.

Just added on the International hookup scene: and for Independents it will we'll have

hookup Socials: Becoming more in vogue these days than ever and everyone seems to be having them. Of course we will to at and .Net in the meantime keep an eye on this website for Kentucky hookup Socials . We hear she is hosting one at a local strip bar. We haven't decided if we want to appear or not.


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