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The Kentucky hookup Selection today at Fantasys!
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04/21/2022, 08:15:10

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Good Morning to all and congrats to the Catholics!

Spring is gone and Summer is finally here! Doesn't it just give you major wood too? Speaking of rigid...

After all of the fervent prayers for a new Pope, the papacy has finally elected Pope Benedict the 16th to intercede for you guilty folks at last. Hope the old fart doesn't have a mysterious "heart attack" like the others. I wonder if he knows just how many of those guys die in office...Good Luck dude!

Your choices for a Lexington hookup today will feature ALLY, CASEY, KRISTI, CARMEN, DANIELLE and someone else. Oh yeah, SOPHIE!!

Your choices for Louisville hookups today are VICTORIA, DANIELLE and someone else. Everyone that does not hold a Client Code MUST BE VERIFIED FIRST, sorry gents, that's the way it Must be. It's simple and painless and we Do Not Retain Your Info! <--That's what the Client Code is for... for the Reservation Request Form and just get that out of the way.

Client Code holders have the privilege of being able to phone Directly at Any time to make their requests to 859.225.6099. Meanwhile back at the ranch here are a few web links for you to look at from Fantasys awesome arsenal of hookup Directories!
Watch them as they start making the climb up the search engines! WE'RE GOING TO BE NUMBER ONE!
Our soon-to-be released Kentucky hookup Directory is one to pay keen attention to because we're listing all of our competition there. is the one to bookmark for future reference gentlemen. At the present we have it pointed at a dummy site so the Companions can have a better idea of what it will kinda look like. Interested providors may phone me directly at 859.225.6099 to be listed there. Don't be foolish, its FREE $money$ ding-dongs so you better jump on it.

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