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Kentucky hookup Service offerings from Fantasys this week!
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Posted by: Fantasys
04/18/2022, 08:10:06

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Go to Fantasys hookups local web site at and see the latest girls we've added-including TS Porn Star hookup Wendy Williams! Client Code holders can phone directly to 859.225.6099 and make any requests, everyone else MUST fill out the Reservation request form please.
* RE-Introducing some Familiar Faces, Familiar Names, New Formats, New Pricing on some. Sorry, Carrie is in Mexico for two months, choose someone else!

Lisa in Louisville!
Victoria in Louisville! Gorgeous is right!
Jill in Louisville! <--NEW Blonde!
Sophie in Louisville! <--The Original! ($300.00 per hour)

Danielle in Lexington! <-Gorgeous!
Casey in Lexington! <--More Blonde than ever-make-over!
Kristi in Lexington! <--Our former "Casey"!
Devon in Lexington!<--Straight off of the boat from AFRICA! Has a new review too!
Ally in Lexington!<--Hot Redhead!
Wendy Williams-TS- in Lexington!<--TS PORN STAR! Stick Pussy Gents!
The Mistresses Heather and Astria-with an equipped Dungeon and custom made accessories!

* We're allowing just about everyone in on this but with a twist-we're pre-qualifying the Clients for you! That's correct. When you receive the reservation form from us the guy will already have ALL of his references checked out and verified so you are assured of a L.E. FREE appointment!$!$$ FREE MONEY from Fantasys! We have quite a few restrictions on the service offering of course but it doesn't cost you a thing so interested parties (including other hookup Services) may phone us directly for the info on how to get listed at 859.225.6099. No Acceptions.
We're doing this as a precursor to a new service that we'll be publicly offering to Providors and Companions soon for VERIFICATION SERVICES so you can operate for 24 years like us with a smile and no worries! * We are expanding the individual hookup Directories in the exact same format at and as well so listen for that or go ahead and get in on the list now before we announce those to the public as ready.

hookup Hosting, hookup Web Sites: We have those to offer as well and we're about 4 weeks behind in getting your site to you once the request is made. Sorry, its the best I can do at the moment because Everyone wants us to do theirs now. Our "tune up" service is probably the most popular so far. We come in, readjust the meta tags, keywords, tile tages, etc so your website can actually climb up the search engines and make You the most popular babe in town. Everything has a price, how much money do you want to make here?!

* FEG, THE GUIDE! <--The BEST hookup Directory for Better hookups! Some of the sections have already hit Number One on the Search Engines so this FREE deal is the Best Deal in town for you! We are continuing to add new sections to it, more resources, etc, until its the ONLY hookup Directory you'll ever need Ladies and Gents. It will be added to yahoo soon.

BBW hookups: <--Being released this week Ladies!
Mature hookups! <--30 and over Ladies!
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FANTASYS! The Best GFE Services for over 20 years! Call 859.225.6099 for reservations. Sexy ONLY slender, pre-qualified and verified FS GFE, Fetish, Roleplays, Incall-Outcalls and more! hookup JOBS! GFE hookups in 50 States!
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