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In Lexington-Kentucky hookup-Victoria, Ally, Casey, Devon, Kristi, Carmen!
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04/15/2022, 09:38:34

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How do you spell relief? V I C T O R I A! (much better than rolaids) That beautiful Louisville hookup we promote is finally coming to Lexington to grace our humble little City with her presence and it couldn't be a better time in our opinion, relief is on the way! Probably the most beautiful, sweet and sexy companion in Kentucky today. Pound for pound, dollar for dollar, more smiles per mile-you simply cannot find anyone better locally OR on one of those tours. Just look at her pics and judge for yourself at Totally Awseome. Her 5'6, 109lb hard body speaks volumes.

Also in the Lexington area this weekend is Ally! 5'5, 116lbs, hourglass figure, baby soft skin, full lips, all natural redhead with blue eyes, sweet disposition, fabulous reviews and continues to get better everyday. Dollbaby for sure.

Casey! Lexington hookup extraordinaire from Fantasys and our personal Lexington local favorite! Innocently sweet, all GFE (like EVERY companion we promote), 5'3, 105lbs, very intelligent and laid back. We cannot find a single flaw on her or in her character anywhere. One of the more perfect hookups we've had the opportunity to work with and EASY ON THE EYES TOO! Check out this 21 year old dollbaby at Hey fellas, she says that she is ready to tour, takers?

Local mature hillbilly Dina is doing remarkably well, accent and all. You guys just ooh! and ahh! over this 5'5, 125lb Mature Kentucky hookup. At 36 years old she is the most "mature" companion we have and it hasn't hurt her requests one little bit. Go figure. Glad we gave her a chance to put a smile on the young boys faces. She bounces back and forth between Louisville and Lexington so make a request.

African hookup Devon. Really is from Africa by the way. We're surprised that more guys aren't requesting her. I would've thought a "buck naked bitch from the bush" would get your rocks off big time. I was wrong. You're missing out though because she is the single funniest girl I have met this year. She didn't even know what a B.J. was before I met her....but this week she is a pro! That a girl, take it like a man. (sorry to digress, prison was tramatic).

JAIMIE! Northern Kentucky's most mysterious companion. Exclusively Fantasys, exclusively overnights and staying consistently requested for lesser hours but we aren't budging! Hey fellas, I "hit it" before she came on board, its worth it and considering what a "ho" I am thats saying a lot. Try it, you'll like it. I personally can't afford seconds at $1500.00 to summon the big guy upstairs but maybe some of you big spenders can.

English girls. We announced them but we're having a problem with the Y.M.M.V thing. Unacceptable. We won't be allowing them to start until that is Not a question. French is a language Ladies, not a fallback. Isn't that just so thoughtful of us to keep you informed of these things...

Ashland, Bowling Green, Paducah, Owensborough KY hookups. There aren't any. At least any that we would consider so far. Example of the best that has applied so far. "Oh yes, I am da bomb Mike, I'm hot, I can make you a lot of money, everyone wants some of this. I'm have a GREAT BODY (now we're talking-maybe I can overlook the stupidity factor), I'm in great shape, everyone says that I should go to work for Fantasys! I'm 27 years old, redhead, big tits, (doesn't that usually mean they go from a 36C to a 72 Long), 5'5, 130 lbs. I am in great shape. Come and meet me, I'll hook you up." Me-->"Okay, now what is your Real age please? 48 huh. But everyone says you Must be 27 so thats how you came up with 27. And bare footed- how tall are you sweetie? 5'0. And if you were standing on the scales buck naked right now what weight would it say on a pre-pms day? 168. Oh yes, exactly what Size are you in jeans dear? a 14 huh. Oh yeah, voluptuous is in. I'm sorry Shiela, but the bbw market isn't my target audience honey. I have 20 years of advertising guaranteeing sexy and slender sizes 1-8. Wadda ya mean you aren't fat and they don't want someone that looks like a crack head. 300 bookings a week says that they DO want a crack head size honey, so I better stay with my taget audience. By the way, we do consider that fat" <--and that is the norm from those Cities gents. Come out of the sticks fellas and hit Lexington or Louisville.

That reminds me. A courtesy Nod to Callia in Louisville: We noticed that your web site is sitting at Number Ten on yahoo under the search term "kentucky hookup", congrats. Lemme' put some more zing to it Callia...we have about a dozen in the search engines on the way up this month. Cool stuff.

Jill in Louisville. Starts next week. Blonde, new, blue eyes, good work ethic, I like her, you'll like her. DANIELLE in Louisville. Taller at 5'8, very very sweet and innocent looking from the Midwest and sincere. Funny, outgoing, GFE, young, flawless body, SEXY NAKED! Pics Do Not do her justice, I promise. Wish I would've met her under different circumstances. Girlfriend material. Matter of fact EVERY girl we have this month is girlfriend material. No hang ups, no nuerosis, no drinking or drug problems, all sweet and sexy. Damn good month for you and us at Fantasys.

Up North. We have more girls applying for jobs from up North than we do from here locally. Interesting. Is it slow up that a way Ladies?

Ashley/Megan in KY. Wanna buy a website? The one we assembled for you is sitting at number 18 on yahoo this month, top ten next month! Hurry before I find another "Kristi" and slide her in (no pun intended). Left over habits from my yellow pages days I guess. R.O.I. is the name of the game. $$

We seem to rule these days. (love their new banner-looks like something we would do doesn't it?) I counted well over 20 of our sites in that place-plus the six we did "tune-ups" on for someone else). But the guys from there mostly suck so someone else can have 'em, we just want to sell you a website!

Local competition BluegrassBeauties is doing well on MSN we see. Best Enthusiast$ in the world come from MSN but unfortunately there isn't very many of them...

Lot's of choices on the boards these days. That's a good thing. Any of them worth seeing guys? I hear Callia, Santana and Jordan are the "in" Ladies lately. Sexy is ALWAYS in.

More news when we have time. Conspicuous by our absence so we had to throw some funny stuff at you today to celebrate my hair transplant.

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