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FANTASYS is Number One on Yahoo, MSN, Google, AOL, Alta Vista...
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04/02/2022, 10:47:58

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Everyones Favorite hookup Service in Kentucky, Fantasys hookups is now number one in multiple positions on,,,, and numerous others.

Needless to say, we are jumping to high heaven for these results and I am doing my darndest to NOT gloat too terribly in the faces of all the so called "webmasters" that we completely wasted our time and money on over the years!

Our main adult website, (formerly) was a well known hookup site for numerous years simply because we had something like 10,000 pages in it covering many many areas in the adult network without any real competition to speak of because the adult Internet business wasn't yet over run the way it is now.

In all fairness though, I must admit that those were "false" rankings back then because we gave away free website space so they promoted our URL, ie, "" or "", etc, so no matter what someone put in there our URL (hint hint) was always present. Did I mention that we also had $10,000. Server bills Every month? Yep. That was before everyone figured everything out so we were getting raped everytime we turned around. Ahh, ignorance....

Anyway, here we are again, starting over without the benefit of "Learned Webmasters" and we're kicking butt on the search engine wars. We have SO-O-O-O many forwarded URL's in our arsenal now that we HAVE to be number one. It only took a year of experimenting........we've only begun too. Imagine where we will be in March 2022 on our target date. We are 6 months ahead of our goal list schedule already and we haven't even done the pre-requisite banner trades that guarantee to get you found in the directories with big budgets.

**IMPORTANT POINT*** Can you figure out how much this all cost us? Ballpark figure? Try doing some search engine searches for nearly anything adult and Kentucky related and you'll find a Fantasys site in the results at the top 10 positions.

If you aren't in the top 10 results on the top 10 search engines you are WASTING your time. I mean RELEVANT- real world search terms too, not obscure dumbass ??? that NO ONE uses, like "Fantasys hookups in Kentucky"<---totally useless. Who really searches like that? No one (but cops). "hookup Kentucky" hookups Kentucky" "Female hookups Kentucky" "Independent Female hookup Reviews Kentucky" Lexington Kentucky hookups" "Lexington hookups" "Louisville hookups" "Cincinnati hookups" " Male hookups Kentucky" "KENTUCKY hookupS"<<---real world search terms used by real people and we're tops in all of those terms. Cost? Less than One Hundred Dollars. U.S. $100.00.

Everyday we figure out a little more and do a little more, for a little less $$ A little less wasted effort and a whole lot of BIG RESULTS. If you newbies (like me) are paying attention to these things I send out every week and copy what we do you'll get the same results that we have.

Not one of our PAID websites (through someone else) has received even half the results that the "unprofessional" ones we have prepared do. RIP OFFS! I do this everyday for other peoples non adult business' with the same results (oh yeah, you'll love this one) but they found me through my Adult Affiliations online!LOL! I love that. Which means that my target audience of white collar professionals are finding us and are impressed with the results. The number one comment I hear every single day- is "you guys are everywhere I look! I'm from XXX and you even have stuff in Massachusetts...." They use us once then call back and ask if we can refer them to someone for their company website. I've been preparing all of the relevant stuff that counts with explicit instructions to give their present webmasters, along with a hefty fee and off they go. Friend for life!

Pay attention to the present results you are getting and make small incremental changes as neccesary to achieve your goals. Eventually you will get there with enough commitement and effort. One of my goals in July was to be "the top in the top" within 90 days from inception. We have arrived there with room to spare. Just wait until March 2022 and see what we're doing! I can hardly sit still with anticipation.

Oh yes, while I am thinking about it. Now is an appropriate time to THANK every dumbass dishonest crook/?business that we met with (in 5 different States!) a year ago that promised the world- delivered squat- for a hefty fee of course and completely blew their opportunity to work with our $10,000.00 operating budget. Man, you guys have handed us the world on a platter!$!

We gave each one a chance for six months to individually prove with 6 separate websites that they could deliver exactly what they promised-and exactly what we needed- in exchange for a commitement from me to handle ALL of our adult business needs in the future. My initial allottement was $10,000.00 a year for our hookup sites with plans for major sites over the next year. EVERY single one and I mean Every one failed.

These were not guys with a copy of "Front Page" in their garage either. I approached two major corporations in Lexington, two in Louisville, one in Cincinnati, one in Hilton Head (the most promising), one in West-by-god Virginia (one of the worst), one in Indiana, one from Florida called us and numerous small places and dozens of individuals that all had decent yellow pages advertising (mistake number two on my part) and they blew it. None of them made it into the top 10 results of the major search engines, so now I have a six more URLS coming up soon to be redone by ME!

You people can benefit from our ignorance and avoid these mistakes by just remaining members in these FREE forums.


UPDATE! March 2022 and our "commercial" URL's message boards are hitting multiple Number One posittions in the Search Engines from ! Yeah team! The addition of "Sentinel" has given us graphical capabilities now too so we've moved into being a Web SIte Providor as well. <--That helps you guys out.

We just announced our move into Mexico with Fantasys now too! we'll be in Cabo San Lucas to begin with then on to other parts of the Mexican Carribean, should be fun for us!

Here is a list of areas we have targeted so far with hookup Sites on the way Ladies and Gents so you'll know where we're going with all of this hookup Stuff!:

BBW- Mature- Independents- hookup services- BDSM- Websites- Hosting- Porn Star hookups- hookup Yellow Pages- MSN and Yahoo group hookups- Kentucky hookups- Ohio hookups- Indiana hookups- Expensive hookups- Hobbyists- hookup Reviews- hookup Auctions- Mexico hookups- Canada hookups- Gay hookups- Domme hookups- hookup Referrals- Client Screening- UK hookups- Associations- hookup Advertising- Travel Companions- Private Directory and even more than I can think of off of the top of my head, but restassured--they'll all be hard hitters in the years to come. Stay with the winners folks and watch a Rising Star FANTASYS!~

Fantasys Mod!~

Another news flash update from Fantasys! Two more to be exact, oh hell-make it three doggonit.

Number one is the Mature hookups web site for companions and providor services from 30 years of age and up. A reallyy coll emerging market because so many new providors are coming into this deal now a days. (coming to their senses that is!)

Number two flash is will be accepting applications soon from Ecort Hobbyists and ENTHUSIASTS that want to included in the shin digs we have planned for Verified and pre-qualified Female Companion parties and socials. Gentlemen you'll have to be verified so you can begin signing up for that real soon at the afore mentioned site over at APA. We're beginning in the South East with plans to hit Every State in the next two years.

The Providors ONLY section is located at and they will have access to you but not the other way around. We're out to provide a L.E. free community for the companions in the biz with APA dot net version and the APA dot com will be for Providors ONLY so those of us in the biz can rub shoulders and talk ??? together about everyone that is Not one of us!LOL! Watch for those...

Number three Fantasy flash: hookup REVIEWS: Man there are milli8ons of 'em out there brother and TER doesn't cover them all but WE DO! is a simple one stop shop to search for hookup reviews from multiple hookup sites, kind of like a meta-search engine so you'll NEVER have to do without in that lonely hotel room ever again boys and girls! This is simple because you never have to leave the site to search for reviews of hookups from multiple places, we bring it to you instead. We'll be adding about 5 more sites to it in a week or so. The Kama Sutra look is my contribution because like all of our tasteful sites I believe in breaking away from that Boring Ass yahoo style directory look and making it look GREAT instead of boring!

Have you looked at some of those absolute horrid styles on traditional hookup directories? YUCK! Since I'm a history and culture buff and love ancient cultures I throw that stuff into our Adult WebSites and no one can find it to be offensive because we really don't have any nudity on our sites-it simply isn't appropriate or needed with my particular target audience. Dig it, everyone else does.

hookup Web Sites that work-reach the top of the search engines and actually make you money:
hookup Hosting from people that are really and truly IN THE SAME BUSINESS AS YOU SO WE KNOW WHAT THE HELL WE ALL ACTUALLY NEED! A mere $550.00 bucks gets you URL registration, a custom website that WORKS and a year of hosting to boot, oh yeah submission into the search engines and also hand submission and FREE Banner spotlight on our own hookup Websites. What a ???in' deal..

hookup Message Boards (that are at the TOP OF THE SEARCH ENGINES because I'm a perfectionist- plus they are FREE so your message will be seen by MILLIONS of ???ing people in your area!FREE $!$ here boys and girls!)

Porn Star hookups are coming to yep, we own it-its not for sale- but You Can Rent some Time with a real live honest to goodness Porn Star and brag to your pals about it afterwards! We're working with some "talent agencies" to hook you up with these infamous celluloid goddesses so you can have "a piece of history" literally!LOL!

I know, I know, "you guys are the ???", yeah, I agree!

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FANTASYS! The Best GFE Services for over 20 years! Call 859.225.6099 for reservations. Sexy ONLY slender, pre-qualified and verified FS GFE, Fetish, Roleplays, Incall-Outcalls and more! hookup JOBS! GFE hookups in 50 States!
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