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hookup Girls in Indiana!
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02/28/2022, 18:01:31

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Lexington & Louisville, this week and-next has a few things to mention: Indiana, Michigan, Nashville, South Carolina and Ohio scheduling updates, industry news and podcasts about to be released and a trip passing through Knoxville down to Columbia SC, so schedule a request for Knoxville or Asheville with Jill from Toledo as she passes through.Lexington hookups has 4 new additions that will also be covering Mt.Sterling, Frankfort, Winchester, Versailles, Shelbyville & Lawrencburg areas. The "middle of nowhere" out there in Rising Sun Indiana has new coverage along with the -71 areas between Florence and Louisville. The greater Louisville Kentucky areas of New Albany, Jeffersonville, Clarksville, Salem IN and along the way to Shepardsville KY is new coverage areas Fantasys is offering on a regular basis-As Long As You Make It a Minimum of 24 Hours in Advance...For Thursday and Friday say hello to pretty little Casey again this week in Nashville. We're sending "little miss sunshine" back for a rare end-of-the month appearance. Casey's availability begins Thursday and very early this Friday. PLEASE-PLEASE have your Friday requests in by Thursday evening if at all possible fellas-to help us keep our heads on straight, these phones can be a tad bit busy during the early peak request hours. We posted some new uncovered face photos of Casey in the TBD members board section yesterday by the way. Thank You for your continued support and co-operation thus far also while I am thinking about TBD, it is very appreciated by everyone involved here and helps us give your clientele and ours a MUCH better overall experience in the end. We are complimented by your requests for our providors, information sharing and hope we continue to meet your expectations for exceptional character, professionalism and beauty from Fantasys hookup Service.We work really hard at being worthy of all the gossip and praise as well as the occasional slam (goes hand in hand with our high standards). It's obvious that we don't attempt to be an all around service that provides companionship for everyone because we are the very first ones to say "thank you-BUT-no thank you. We readily admit that we are not for everyone that uses companion services, our target audience is quite narrow and if you fall into that category you're not only in for a treat but doggonit we think you're Special as hell too!LOL!

As an Agency and for our private companions here we enjoy lots of terrific guys (54,000 Screened and Verified so far and Growing exponentially beginning in Three Weeks-watch for the announcements!) as a result. Much more than the other services we correspond with as a whole because we target and screen them so closely and because we set incredibly high standards for CONSISTENTANCY and Professionalism for ourselves. Thank's one and all for your co-operation as we evolve into more than an hookup service and into our real goal as a totally unique Companion Service with Elite Companions available at every major City that meets our exacting standards. You guys would fall off the wagon laughing at the antics of the prospective "wannabe" Fantasys girls that I've met and interviewed this past week alone! Lordy but there are some IDIOTS in this unique business. Not one single girl I met in four States this last week could pass the mustard-not a one in KY IN TN or OH. It isn't that we're unreasonable-we have guarantees that WILL be met from day one or we simply will not waste time on you. If you guys think I'm hard on you with screening just guess at what the Ladies may go through! However it works because we do not have sub standard companions and anyone that's met these recent girls this year will attest to their personal commitment, overall happiness, fantastic attitude and incredible personalities. It works. (by the way-my boy Lee is preparing a Members Only addition for you guys to laugh at with us. Its a bunch of phone calls we've kept on files from job applicants after they have submitted their employment requests. Man, you sales guys think you meet some winners? Wait until you here some of these ding-a-lings! Sheeshz)

Industry Newsworthy: We've recently added an entire host of unique service offerings for our peers to utilize that will again raise the minimum standards for everyone to work from-providors-hobbyists-directory owners-Agency owners and more. Tours, INTERVIEWS(YES!!), promotional stuff, Client Screening, Associations, Socials, website help and literally dozens more. If what we say is true and you must "lead by example" and "truth can only be proven by Results" then no one but no one is leading the way as quickly as Fantasys by our own example. 2022 is simply about to BURST forth with "Fantasys offerings" as we create more industry association relationships."Co-branding" is the hot topic for us in April and even more Franchisees popping up PLUS the release of our own new search engine at Fantasy hookup (Google who?!) and an incredible new independent hookup employment service that works with hookup Agencies across the USA, Mexico, Canada, UK and the Soviet Republic od RUSSIA (!) for starters. It will work in conjunction with is for newbie ladies to the business once we release it. Like everything else we do its planned and announced about 6 months in advance before we release the "real" website to the public. Tours and Socials will take on new meanings soon because of the new strategic alliances that Fantasys and is building, follow along as we help create the Future Today.About 5 new hookup podcasts that are "industry specific" is also being re-prepared for release once again. They were "ready" for launch and at the last minute I re-nigged and didn't like the final version so they are being re-engineered to appeal to broader audiences and less "bottom line". They will be addressing the Screening and Verifications issues with interesting points there. Another for Directory Owners, another for Independents, another for New hookups, another important one for participating Agency Owners. Our new hookupExchange(.com) program is about to bust out and bring with it a plethora of new employment opportunities for the struggling/hustling Independent hookup and the hookup Agencies that need fresh new talent in their camps. Oh yes, the podcasts are not available to everyone in general by the way. Some of them requires you to be recognizably in a certain area of the industry before we'll allow you to listen in on the goods. You understand....they are way cool though, sorry everyone cannot hear them. Premium Members will be able to though....hint hint.Better than theirs: Hot new hookup websites going up for sale for EVERY State that are ready to go! Just add your name, photos, etc and these are READY to go to Number One and require almost ZERO maintenance-meaning jot in your Calendar and add your pics and away you go on your way to Number One (look at the "Hit Counter" on Million! You DO want that don't you?) Obviously I have neglected to make the visual changes on our own sites to reflect the things we're putting up on the auction block-TOO BUSY! But they'll get there, the important stuff is what you can't see...releasing everything at the industries slowest time of the year is a necessity so we can grow to accommodate the changes necessary for them to be successfully implemented-work out the bugs, etc. I turn away girls phoning for premium advertising NOW because we're so busy with the important stuff I'm sharing here tonight, imagine how crazy its all going to get once everything is released this year and next. I actually thrive on that high paced stuff so its welcome at my door any day!

Watch us for the next five or ten years as we really jump into the spotlight. Nothing in a dozen years has gotten me so personally excited as this new FantasyhookupTV thing we're introducing to compliment everything else. Man, this IS IT for the hookup industry!!! We're making commercial style advertisements for hookup Directories in "FLASH" so its just like cable television. Way to freakin' cool. Our own little bundle of sunshine Casey will be the lady in charge if the designs and my sweetie Victoria will be ram-rodding the project from the "get-go" and will be in charge of applications, commercial scheduling, etc. Hope no one pissed in her cornflakes last year....obviously we like to hire people with multiple areas of talents so they can grow with us personally and professionally here. It's a good practice that's been one of our mainstays for 15 years or so.

Thank You again ladies and gentlemen for being so thoroughly wonderful to work with, I hope you all enjoy your time with us as much as we do with you.
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