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Indiana hookup News! Louisville hookup Hotties! Lexington hookup girls!
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Posted by: Fantasys
08/31/2022, 09:20:45

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Lot's of Louisville Kentucky hookups today to choose from! Beautiful Casey is in town all day and Jaimie with Victoria PLUS wait until you see the new Danielle pics guys! GORGEOUS!!!! Built like Casey with sexy dark hair and eyes....she will be touring all over the USA. Danielle will be available all the time in Louisville by the way with Miss Victoria's availability becoming MUCH more limited in the future because she is finally taking on more administrative duties with us behind the scenes along with Casey who is moving UP into a position the of Graphic Designer. With 125 hookup related web sites, finding people you can trust to work with on ANY project related to the adult industry is virtually impossible. So many flakes...WE promote from within and push our people into alternative careers from day one. "Cause we love 'em, so much? Lexington today (Thursday) with Carrie and Carmen. "Dontcha" know those two new girls already got themselves FIRED! "Toldcha", 98% of the 2500 a month job applicants we receive on average don't even get a second glance from us and of the 2% that do 90% of THEM don't even make it to our Main website...we maintain our standards zealously so you guys can always count on us to be consistently honest. Some NEW and Exciting hookup news down below concerning hookup Directories, hookup Employment, Advertising & Hobbyists. If you don't see it here simply go to our website and click on the "Daily Message" and you'll find it at the bottom of this messages title.
Expanding Worldwide ! Fantasy News: We have quadrupled our advertising base for providors to advertise from! Yep. That means over 100 hookup web sites that YOUR ad will be seen on when we release FEEE VERIFICATIONS! Yep, that means every guy and gal in (The ULTIMATE hookup COMMUNITY) will be completely verified and we have 4 levels of memberships available, Bronze is free....we have about 125 hookup Websites/Directories pulling for YOU from all over the world from Scotland, UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia, USA, (catch them before they arrive in America!) plus numerous Cities and States in the U.S.! Podcasts, Video's, Interviews, Calendars, Tours, Cruises, Discounts on Travel and Hotel/Resort stays, FREE Website promotions, FREE Websites, FREE Website "tuneups" (optimization) and Search Engine submission (GOLD Members) by Fantasys, REAL Socials, Free mailboxes to protect your identity from idiots, a very unique Rview criteria that allows you to agree or disagree with his or her evaluation of you (so everyone that is a member will know exactly who is legite or who is just pissed because they are an a--hole, identity protection at the public level (plus a unique option that permits you to only have your profile available inside the members area), Free "cop tips", free 'How To Guide by Fantasys", free acess to the International BANNED LIST (not my PERSONAL ONE) but the public one, providor Chat rooms, free "help me out here my computor is messing up" support room for Platinum members, Guys: We have over 100 points of VALUE for you to entice YOUR premium membership! Real world value gents and not some marketing blurb bullsh-t to sell memberships. Verifed GFE, FREE Referrals for any State, a community Calendar of events that lists the hookups Schedules (and Profile) for every City /State plus their immediate availability at a simple glance (Fantasys guys REALLY appreciate this kind of professional simplicity). PLus PLATINUM members have direct access to Big full blown flash style hookup Interviews of the hookups listed. Some of the ladies may only have podcast interviews (hear her VOICE!) and those are available to GOLD members. SILVER members have full face photos and contact info, etc. very cool stuff. Very entertaining Socials (WE are actually providing entertainment at the Entertainment with burlesque style shows!), free mailboxes to protect your identity from prying eyes, member reviews both for the Providors AND the Enthusiasts, Bad providor list, world adult news, Gambling rooms, Full time Chat rooms for every State, Computor Tech Support for PLATINUM members, and man the list just keeps on going. I am BIG on value.
hookup Directory news:
Independent hookups! is nearing release for Independent hookups. We have standardized our software and web designs into a format that will allow us to turn things out much more efficiently and quickly beginning in September. ( By the way, it has a banned list already so if you've made the mistake of pissing in our cornflakes unreasonably-don't bother applying for ANYTHING we have. You KNOW who you are! Dummy.) hookup Services! for hookup Agencies will be released in a few days also. Set up for maximum search engine rankings. If you end up there I may notice you and help promote you for FREE for other things we're doing.... SCOTLAND hookupS! Just exactly how MANY ways to we have to say that we're here to stay and making no bones about what we're after?! Australia hookups ! Once again, a worldwide presence is our aim here and we're doing it... Canada hookups! I am NOT going to this cold a-s place but I like the idea of working with them.... Mexico hookups ! Lay around at the beach and sip some exotic drinks with a Latin lovely on your arm gents! Scotland Esorts! For the Scottish punters! Love the redheads!Ireland hookups! For the Irish rogues wanting Irish a-s I have a directory for you too! United Kingdom hookups! Is on its way to "ya'll". World hookup Directory! Very cool and aesthetically pleasing in nearly every way. PLUS it ranks way up there in the search engines so its terrific value-FREE... USA hookups! Superb simple layout, EASY navigation, nice color scheme, easy on the eye, has everything you need and its coming up in the search engines FAST. The software was disappointing for us so we had to make do with what we could at that time but again its terrific value-its FREE! I've had my office staff adding our stuff to it for now until it starts filling up. I came up with this pretty jewel as an alternative to our competition ( which is an EXCELLENT resource I might ) I like that site, wish it was MINE...wanna SELL IT GUY$?! When adding your stuff to it PLEASE remember to use hookup related search terms in your title and description. THAT is the thing that will get your link noticed in the search engines. My buddies hookup service was picked up QUICK from it and gave him a huge jump start in the search engines. Unfirtunately it did fall off because i t wasn't set up properly (a WEBMASTER GURU DID IT!) but he did have an easy $15,000.00 month for about a minute. Shoulda payed US to do it dude! Anywho. It is a nice looking site. Very pretty and guys as well as dolls will like it. The .Net verision ( ) is slated to be a European alternative at the end of September. Add your stuff to it. International hookup Directory projects & stuff! is terribly behind (like 75% of what I'm working on-its not OUR fault-its the software vendors dragging their darn heels). This is the place for finding what we're working on. The inevitable future of it is an optimized PRETTY-functional hookup directory with all of our stuff on it. Eros who?!! State hookup Directories! Man we have a bunch of 'em with more on the way. They are significant because they are places we work, tour, plan to work or plan to tour in. For one reason or other I've targeted them for development. Presently about 11 significant ones with about 10 more to come next year. I am developing a State to State, Coast to Coast, Country to Country referral network of worthy providors (and something similar for the Hobbyists to get in on also) that are level minded enough to be trusted. Congruency is very important to us at Fantasys and consistency is what we're after. ... Various stuff: Mature, BBW, Gay, Fetish, Screening, Tours, Radio, Interviews, Television, Blogs, Reviews, Websites, Hosting, Advertising, Certified Photos, Verification Services, Booking Service, and more. We already have websites for all of those things (mostly with placeholder websites for now) because we're adding ALL of those as premium services to our nice clean public company image. Imagine. Imagine what the next 5 years will look like for Fantasys and the Internet. Exciting is an understatement. Had to let some office help go last week and its going to slow me down....hate that because it puts me behind in my time schedule . "The world is waiting..." or is that "The world is Mine (my playground)?" I've been up to the wee hours every night with research, updates, e-mail invitations to like minded directory owners and providors so we can accomplish what we're after here. More Podcasts coming about this stuff. The 21st Centuries most Prolific hookup Resource is FANTASYS!Our Current State hookup Directories
Kentucky hookup Directory Louisville, KY hookups Lexington, KY hookups Ohio hookup Directory Indiana hookup Directory Tennessee hookup Directory
Georgia hookup Directory Illinois hookup Directory DC hookup Directory Virginia hookup Directory Carolina hookup Directory Attention Aspiring PHP, Python, C, Programmers, Scrip Kiddies, Graphic Artists, Flash 5: We're looking to lighten Sentinels load on a per job basis to begin with. Send your resume of portfolio to about the hookups schedules? Go here daily to see them!
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