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Posted by: Fantasys
08/14/2022, 16:15:49

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Proving that mistakes can make you better?APOLOGIES: Last week I just made a complete ass out of myself guys. Good for me! Stupid sh-t like that helps keep my enormous ego in check when everyone and their freakin' brother calls (nearly all women) horrified at my apparent state of mind. They really were quite concerned and this week I am genuinely touched by it now that I am in a more receptive-and grateful-frame of mind. To say that my public postings could be considered inflammatory is a severe understatement. The inter-personal situation(s) that prompted it doesn't excuse it. Man I was so-o-o darn wrong and embarrassed as all get out too. Completely un-professional in every way, completely against everything I "think" I stand for worst of all and a major blow to my opinion of MYSELF and I can't seem to apologize enough to everyone for it. I feel like I let EVERYONE down. <--Insight in itself right there. "Truth can ONLY be proven by results". There is never an excuse for someone in my position (Big platform with 7 million people a month looking at us-especially at us for being the self-proposed leaders in the industry with the way we're LEADING everyone to a BETTER way of life working in the business) to cross the boundaries of marketing hype with those kinds of off colored remarks and as my Webmaster stated it, "Mike, you were not angry. You were down right mean spirited". and he was right. Brother when your own people are disappointed & embarrassed in you-you KNOW you f-cked up. Godd-mn embarrassing for a "God guy". Simply put, crossroads in my personal baggage that still needs to be addressed. I sincerely apologize for my transgressions, with particular regards towards my peers and it was NOT directed at them however after re-reading it I sure felt like it was the same as everyone else apparently. I was wrong and I am terribly sorry to everyone, I apologize. The fact that it embarrassed the hell out of me helped tremendously. It's a lot like being single and a lot like being in a relationship. Huh? Yep. Being single AND being in a position of incredible public influence we simply aren't held accountable for our bullsh-t nearly as much as we are in a relationship where we're VERY accountable for another persons feelings. Being single as long as I have, having the enormous personal challenges that I STILL have and being on this very public platform leaves me wide open to egomaniacal mistakes-and attacks. "Pride falleth first" and I'm struggling to let go of it and give myself the same consideration that I would another. Hard as a hell to do. Our experience is all we have to work from. My experience and spiritual beliefs say that unless we own up to our wrongs we will never be rid of them and will always be susceptible. "Naming it and claiming it" is the beginning of humility. Perspective. The cornerstone to the touchstone. The touchstone being pain of course. Most often it takes a big dose of pain (reality) to get our attention and begin the questioning process. A mere flicker of a spark initially and gradually becoming a flame. When it comes to wrongs done to another who of us willingly WANTS to see their guilt? It's that being single thing, most of the time I am so focused upon my goals that I simply cannot see where I am hurting others. It's only after owning up to the wrong and looking at the results that I can empathize and experience the pain my actions have caused another. Prison taught me that I am responsible for ALL OF MY ACTIONS AND OUTCOMES. Thank God for that valuable lesson. I will not stand for monkey business from anyone as a result, money or not, when the self-serving unconcerned "hobbyist" calls and starts lying he is going to hear a fact by fact list about it in a not-so-considerate tone! My people laugh their butts off at my hi jinks on the phone and message boards because they know me personally and they know my spiritual beliefs & practices. That I hate a bully (while knowing that I very well can be one), defend the disadvantaged, pick up the fallen, bash the haters when they attack us and out reason the idiots when I see an injustice is why. They RESPECT the hell out of me because I don't lie and hide from my flagrant character defects but continuously challenge my flawed character to be rid of them-and let you know what they are as I address them- because it relieves the power of it. Most of the time I am not aware of my own bullsh-t because I live alone. Perfection is a GOAL that my spiritual beliefs dictate I SHOULD be aiming for....makes sense. Progress isn't going backwards...or sitting still resting upon laurels and becoming stagnant. The fewer defects of character we have in the way, the quicker and less painlessly we can get on to fulfilling our real purpose for being here. At least in my beliefs. Fulfill-ment. Adopting high ideals with a step by step plan for attainment gives us a richly rewarding purpose driven life. I teeter-tottered for years with doing what I am in the process of now and doing nothing at all for the fear of being unworthy of the responsibilities that come with powerful influence. We are dominating the search engines-according to plan-and millions of people are listening and watching. The balancing act of head and heart, instinct and intuition is a life long ongoing job and the longer I live the more I'm convinced that there are no absolutes in life, just a great deal of grey area that isn't my place to judge, and mostly isn't for me to understand until understanding comes. Oxymoron, I know. My dilemma too. Life long beliefs change when you're willing to be wrong ya know. Amazing. Willingness to forget everything I think I know and be open to a new experience or understanding has helped shaped me and landed me here. Brought a whole host of experiences with it that I normally wouldn't have had as well. Good ones. Some happy, some painful, ALL GOOD. Change means progress after all and everything and everyone is on its way somewhere becoming something else that it is not at present. With the passage of time and experiences comes understanding that mere knowledge simply cannot give us. Some even call it enlightenment, which can be very illuminating!LOL! Still gotta be me...... It could be said that I accomplished all of this on my own, blah, blah, blah or I can tell you the truth about it and say that EVERYONE helped me here. Everything I ever was, did and believed was a direct result of what had happened just prior to that moment. Everyone has contributed in some way and in retrospect it appears that EVERYTHING was simply preparing and leading up to the next. Especially the women. Man I love those women. All of them. Still do. Looking back and looking here AND looking forward brings me to the logical conclusion that there are no mistakes in the end, it takes what it takes and when I'm on a wrong path reality jumps up and bites my butt. Like last week. I got "caught up" in my own bullsh-t. Paid too much attention to my feelings, focused my attention on some perceived wrongs by WAY too many others (either real or imagined) that I had unreasonable expectations on and did NOT give my known character defects enough respectful berth, in a manner of speaking. I still despise a spineless petty coward-like the gossip mongers- and really have no desire to change it either. Right or wrong (mostly wrong) I won't hesitate to openly use my intellect to tear them a new as-hole because its a form of character assassination by uninspired mean spirited people that are so consumed by jealousy and intimidation that they are proving over and over that their rightful place IS at the bottom of the success ladder and much like cancer if you permit them to go on unchallenged IT EFFECTS EVERYONE in a very negative way. They have zero character ( losers?) and its those that bring the cops in with their shenanigans and refusal to "police" themselves. Do you REALLY think cops have a vendetta about what goes on behind closed doors between consenting adults? M.F. PLEASE! They enjoy their civil liberties as much as the next man or woman. They do not give a ??? about your personal life, its the job we MAKE them do that they hate. They may personally disapprove of the business because of some archaic misinterpreted pseudo-Anglo Christian beliefs but to target us is unreasonable. Hey, they can read reviews too ya idiot and the C.D.C.(org) and cops as public servants have an obligation to protect the public from dope fiends, drunks and disease transmittal......if your bare back blow jobs aren't transmitting viral fluids then nothing is (AIDS, HERPES and god only knows what as yet-undiscovered ones we're all carrying around!). Like I've said before gents, that AIN'T a margarita on her lips ya know. Congratulations, you just sucked another guys DONG.....dummy!HA! HA! Man, I LOVE that one more than any other! You aren't special dude-she just had someone else's in there ahead of you, maybe her boyfriends....we laugh at EVERYONE on that subject. No pus-y is so good that you should want to die for it, or kill your old lady with it. A few years ago a number of my friends both in the biz and out encouraged me to go more public and share how we do things so the business overall could advance more to its proper place for PRIVATE COMPANIONSHIP and help raise public awareness about the pitfalls, make things safer for everyone-lead by our example. Remember when girls used to get kidnapped, beaten up, raped, KILLED, etc? It was commonplace. Not so much anymore. Thankfully. But it still is way too common. At the time I really didn't feel that I was the guy they believed I was. I guess the baggage from my youth still clouded my ideas about who or what I was then, too fresh. Over time I began to see a little of what those people saw-from RESULTS-and ideas started forming about what kind of impact Fantasys may be able to have if I applied it enemas to the Internet. I still didn't feel worthy of being in such an influential position then by the way and only half heatedly applied myself. I was really afraid that I would abuse it in a moment of personal nonsense (like my crap last week-MAN did I ever want to go after a few ding-a-lings that insulted the girls INSTEAD of ME-cowards!) and start deciding what was best for someone else-in spite of the wrong it would be to impose your will in anothers life. I'm big on that. Between childhood and the penitentiary you may get some skewed ideas about "respect" and the proper use of will....I have happily resolved my hesitations since then and feel like I'm doing a great deal of good on everyone's behalf. Even after a mess up like I did last week it was pointed out that I did NOT put out $500.00 rewards to anyone that could put me in the same room with XXXX, XXXX, XXXXXXX, that helped. It was almost a first...someone else was quite shocked at what that implied, (as if they hadn't ever WISHED they could) and I simply pointed out the real value in it was being aware that those were some very real old character defects that I did not really think would ever go away but that I had to NEVER forget where I've been, exactly HOW I became that way and what I must always do to keep them manageable. Also, I did prod a little and asked her if there was ever a time in her life where she wanted to beat someone up but didn't because she was afraid of them. The answer was a resounding and vehement YES of course. What woman hasn't been brow Beaten by a man?
In the future I will show more restraint at the public level and restrict my opinions to our own message board.
Ahh, my people, my people! God love ya all!
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