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Indianapolis hookup Services, at a glance
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08/08/2022, 19:43:17

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Lot's n Lot's of FANTASY news this week. Expect to see a slew of new talent on the block because we've been beating the bush (no pun) looking for the Better talent in town and we've come up with a few worthy of working with us and bearing the Fantasys namesake ( no less than 20!). Over the next few weeks watch for these new faces to pop up on the local websites we have. Noteworthy features include some local hotties in KY IN TN DC GA and NC with some of our mainstay faces branching out into new areas for regular appearances.You may also notice some familiar faces conspicuously absent...bottom line is if they start here and can't remain here they simply can't meet the standards that a FANTASYS girl is known and measured by. Gotta go! Lexington hookups today has Casey, Carmen and a not-so-local Independent friend of ours that wanted to learn an alternative way to do business. We applaud Lynn for her humbleness in stepping forward so we're giving her the friendly treatment and looking forward to the rewards for her. Lynn stepped up and purchased our entire promo package guys, SMART on her part so when traveling through Indianapolis make certain to look her way. Knoxville TN hookup Hope will be in Lexington this week also.Speaking of Indianapolis, we have two new ladies there full time now with 4 more planned to stop in as part of a regular tour route for some of us. Jaimie is one and we have yet to name the newest 18 year old blonde. Both will be targeting Indianapolis, Louisville, Evansville, Cincinnati, Bloomington, Seymour IN, so far. If you're somewhere in that path go ahead and get verified at our reservation form so they can stop in and see you along the way...Louisville hookups today features Victoria and Jaimie with nice accommodations. Victoria all week in Louisville with the new 18 year old hottie coming in town later in the week. Louisville is also one of Asian Delight Vanessa's new hot stops and Casey will be hitting there the Last Thursday Of Every Month, simply look at the Calendar for the girls schedules. Nashville hookups Thursday and Friday are Casey. Fantasys has three new local full time girls coming in here, one of which is a freakin' heart the blondes! Regardless of who may become a full time local we will continue to rotate Fantasys girls in here and even have a couple at a time sometimes. Knoxville also has Hope as your full time local girl now. She has committed to being a full time companion with us so she'll begin making the rounds as well with Asheville NC, Greenville SC, Atlanta, Lexington of course and Louisville. Ohio hookup scene continues to be a profoundly dismal FAILURE in terms of talent, beauty and brains. It includes the hobbyists as well of course. Completely amazed to be honest. We have to say that overall Ohio ranks right alongside West Virginia as one of the all time WORST States for business on both sides of the coin because the education standards are so low. We do well in the Cincinnati area personally with Casey every Wednesday (including tomorrow) however we are dropping it completely from our list. It's a blue collar State through and through with very poor education averages (much like N.Pennsylvania) and it shows in the job and verification apps we receive. Bottom feeding. The Independents can make it here because they are more accessible, have fewer people to be accountable to, less overhead and and are accustomed to exactly these kinds of situations. Have at it. DC hookups/Virginia coming on the scene. Bunches and bunches of job apps from here which is ALWAYS indicative of a BAD local economy (exactly like Ohio where I receive MORE PER DAY than all other States Combined and WE ARE NOT HIRING THEM....which says what ?!) and no one is working. I have a few that are absolutely beautiful and we're very excited at the prospects with them because they seem to be pretty darn sharp also. We'll probably branch over to Maryland and the like with them. Newport News VA, Richmond, Virginai Beach, DC etc, are all on the up and coming places. West by god Virginia is the last place that we want to work in as an Agency so again it would probably support the Independents easily enough because of all that desperate price dropping they so frequently announce. The differences between the enthusiasts and the hobbyists is just like the differences between the independents and the agencies-OUR guys don't give them a second glance and rarely do the hobbyists consider US for obvious insecurities. Simply a different mentality altogether. Like shopping at Saks or Walmart I guess....NC SC & AL is pretty self-explanatory. Terribly poor education standards which translates to SUCK-A-- girls and clients. Which means the yellow pages and A.M.P.S ROCK. People resist change (evolution) and its at their own demise unfortunately..look at history..the cops stay pretty busy with them though! We've targeted certain places with some of our "keepers" where the community educational averages are exceptional compared to the surrounding areas of course and they'll do well enough once its known. In the meantime it may be hit and miss but our people are pretty dedicated and we do a good job of taking care of them as a reward. Georgia. Better not make any definitive statements about it quite yet, I need more experience and education with it. We do okay in it but only okay-it isn't the home run everyone wants of course. Our reputation proceeds us and pretty much paves the way for most things/places we wish to hit as a result. If we were sell out pieces of sh-t it would go much easier and have double the client base BUT at the risk of the young ladies being endangered from suspicious kooks or going to jail-NOT the trade off WE'RE willing to make for a few lousy pesos. As a result there will ALWAYS be a huge market for everyone to be able to work in just about anywhere, then there is our way. A clear conscience goes a long way towards a good nights sleep.... More news at our message board:
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