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Exotic Indianapolis hookups-Sexy Kentucky hookups in Cincinnat
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Posted by: Fantasys
05/02/2022, 07:39:06

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Lexington hookups today featuring the exotic Indiana hookup MYA! I won't even bother building this gem up-go ahead and run over there to see her pics. SEXY...Kristi, Carmen and Melissa are available in Lexington this week also.
Louisville hookups this week features our "Asian Delight" Vanessa Wednesday-Friday, Saturday in Lexington for South Carolina sensation Vanessa, get your reservations in quickly because she goes quickly on every visit. Vanessa's next venue will be Cincinnati and Columbus. 18 years old, lovely as the day is long and just beautiful? That's Diane of course and she is available in Louisville nearly any time as long as the appointment is made in well in advance. The easiest way to get on their sh--list is to make the appointment and have them sitting there w-a-i-t-i-n-g for a no show...that usually gets you dropped from my graces too because I have to hear about it....LOL!Nashville hookups for this week on Tuesday-early 'til late is beautiful petite blonde Casey followed by Fantasys new exotic Indian hookup from Chicago, Mya. Sexy ladies and a treat by any measuring stick. Watch for Mysa to pop in Thursday and Friday gents. Nashville hookups next week are all blondes! Kristi Lee, Abby and Jewel all coming in this month and hitting Knoxville, Nashville, Bowling Green, Louisville, Lexington,Cincinnati, Indianapolis and Columbus. Get verified and and have some fun for a change because these companions are THE BEST in the business!Cincinnati Wednesday brings in Casey for her usual monthly appearance there. Later in the week we have some referrals to make for Cincinnati.Business is dropping off here so we're putting it on the back burner for a bit until our new advertising takes off. We do have a bunch of new girls for that entire area that will be starting this month with us but we'll most likely put them on tour immediately. Indianapolis Wednesday and Thursday featuring one of the most beautiful women in the business. That would be Louisville hookup VICTORIA of course. If you're into the total package then this is definitely the lady for you. Knoxville is a big disappointment so far so don't expect much of anything to happen with us own there, The locals simply can't meet our standards or support our services on a weekly basis so the rest of the story is apparent. S-k-i-p!Georgia hookups. Atlanta is doing well as long as we don't over stay which tells me it simply needs better development for the better clients. Expect that this summer from us. Virginia and West Virginia sucks terribly. But we've committed to it the future I'll think twice as long about favors before I agree to them!Carolina hookups is dying for our kind of people and we aim to provide it! Quite a bit of it as a matter of fact beginning this month. Illinois getting the nod from us this month also with tour appearances planned there all next month with stop overs planned for Indianapolis, get on the list gents and start with Mya!
Fabulous hookups everywhere you look! []MYA!
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