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Louisville hookup - Nashville hookups & lots of Lexington hookups!
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Posted by: Fantasyshookups
03/30/2022, 07:34:09

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Nashville hookup & lots of Lexington hookups!Casey still in Nashville Thursday followed by Jill Friday and
Saturday, her first trip down South so please help her feel
especially welcomed gents. Victoria on Monday & Tuesday
in Nashville! Thursday in Louisville featuring Victoria. Friday in Louisville the same with one addition.
Thursday and Friday in Columbus with Angie and Vivian all weekend
requests entertained with enough notice.Lexington hookups Thursday with Jill, Tasha, Carmen and Kristi. LEXINGTON hookup SPECIALS FRIDAY AND SATURDAY!! Lots of babes in joyland
this weekend. Last weekend we had a truckload of broads in town and most
of you missed out because I hate working on the weekends so you don't watch
for it but this weekend is special so expect to see Vanessa, Lisa, n new one
I haven't named yet, Carmen, Tasha, Casey, Kristi and someone else I can't
remember yet. We're willing to have them travel a little bit too.Virginia Beach hookups! Well, hookup anyway. April 15th on with Asian Delight
VANESSA in Virginia so get verified and receive your Client Code to see her!
http://vanessa.independenthookup.infoMore new Ohio and Indiana hookups next week plus opening FOUR
more new Franchises in Virginia, Tennessee, Ohio and South Carolina.
Hope none of you really pissed me the hell off and got blackballed
because we're becoming our own BEST advertising outlet and that's
pretty influential when all of the BEST are working with us. I am
making certain that this next generation of hookups and agencies
coming into the business will be heavily influenced by Fantasys
in how they do things etc, because we completely dominate the
search engine returns-the influence is inevitable.
hookup Employment-hookup Work by the most prolific hookup Service
in the USA today!More excerpts from my "how to" book about hookup Services this
weekend plus some new video clips of Jill, new FantasyhookupInterviews
with Casey, Lisa Marie, Carmen, Jill, Vanessa and one other "volunteer"!LOL!
Should prove to be interesting so watch for that in the appropriate section.
Just call and ask where to find them in other words..More new software releases coming out exclusively from us that ties in your
username and password so you'll have access to over a hundred of our websites.
In addition, our advertising programs for providor services is giving you
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every State. We're GIVING YOU MORE than everyone else in the business SELLS
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New hookup Jobs news for Agencies and Applicants:
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Expect to see our hookup jobs banners at the competitions sites any week now
to pull from their applicants as well. NETWORK baby! More Fantasys firsts.More voice stuff too. Sentinel, the girls, our friends and I are having a
blast doing these "bull??? sessions" that we've been recording. Man, what
fun to be in a room with a bunch of your peers talking smack about you guys!lol!
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More new newsworthy stuff. Our much anticipated Travel Agency is coming along
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