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Posted by: Fantasys ®
03/20/2022, 11:37:08

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Lexington Kentucky hookups:
Kristi, Kara, Casey, and Carmen
Louisville Kentucky hookups:
Ohio hookups
Cincinnati ~ Jaimie

Columbus ~ Vivian and Angie

More new provider news:

5 new Ohio companions, 3 new Tennessee companions, 3 new Carolina companions, and
more new traveling companions/tours with the new "dinner only" and "travel to" options.

More new Fantasys franchises about to be released.

More independent hookups are signing up for our services
It is being seen as the only smart way to see new clients.

You guys really like the fantasy hookup radio “listen to music while you surf”.

We're a bit disappointed in the lack-luster participation in the free polls in our yahoo group.
We set up these polls to openly help everyone in the industry please help us all by participating.

Surprisingly directory is one of the more popular hookup directories for inexpensive hookups. Maybe it's all that free advertising we're giving away. Not surprising, is our least popular hookup directory and we're referring to for mature hookups 30 and over. Apparently no one in the business likes to be known they are a sophisticated provider 30 and over. That's too bad, in my esteem I have infinitely more respect for mature providers based upon my experience with them. There is the obvious experience factor, they are extremely reliable, and they have a natural ability to be more consistent in conducting themselves as a respectable professional. And, of course, you can never be considered courtesan class until you reach a certain level of maturity and finesse.

I believe gentlemen we are all in agreement that the body of an 18 to 25 year old is as a lovely sight as you are ever likely to find on God’s planet. But, you have to admit after the deed is done and you're smoking your cigarette and they’re popping their chewing gum, that this is the point where the infatuation wanes. When was the last time you met an unhurried professional who is also a good provider, under 30 years old, who also possesses seductiveness, sensuality, and grace. Of course the exceptions are hookups from Fantasys because of our in-depth training program that produces the “complete package.” It's no small secret in the industry that if there was such a thing as an hookup training school Fantasys would be it with something in the neighborhood of 5000 providers having gone through our doors. Our kudos goes to Callia ( for pointing this factoid out on our behalf.

Speaking of Callia, a big thank you for the warm reception Fantasys received at Hanging8's Friday bash. Congratulations for a terrific social. Mike, Sentinel, and Victoria each had a blast and thoroughly enjoyed themselves, and can't wait for the next one!

Noted attendees who cracked me up all night:

Tall and sexy redhead Callia (formally with Fantasys as Lisa), Jacklyn (formally with Fantasys as Sophie) and “the prettiest girl in the world” - love that 5’6” blue eyed, blonde with big hooters!

Hanging8 – who I am thoroughly impressed with and trust implicitly, you have a life time membership with us at any social or private directory we own. Gary and Warlock – who Lee (Sentinel) and I glued ourselves to for the duration of the evening.

Angel – “Justangel”, the terrific hostess who assured everyone was adequately taken care of and things ran smoothly. You are among our top choices for people to assist us with our own up and coming hookup Socials. You too can also consider yourself an honorary member.

Sexy independent Indianapolis provider Lynn (Greekindylynn ) – the girl I wish I had been glued to all night Sentinel and I should have absconded with you.

Dataman – nice to talk to you, and thank you for your smart music choice -- a tasteful blend of today’s and yesterdays’ favorites everyone can dance to.

Fabulously attired Shaft – with his sexy, fashionable attire.

The always-intelligent Paramour – for insightful industry distinctions.

Rhonda – (blondebomb51671) with her mesmerizing eyes which I could barely tear myself away from.

Margarite – JEEZE-US, what a body!

Miss Pammy – probably the smartest provider there. Lee was very impressed with you and I'm sorry I didn't have the opportunity to speak with you at length as he did. I really liked Lee's impression of you. It impresses me enough that I want to sit down with you and discuss some future plans to help other providers in the industry establish similar career alternatives. Fantasys is exploring some career options as well for our peers.

Paige in Indiana – Damn she is sexy. Wish I could have stolen a kiss from her. Sentinel has some pretty neat ideas for a web site, which will benefit you.

The Butterflygal Carrie – Nice smile and pretty lips, I enjoyed observing you with the other providers and regret neither Sentinel or I had the opportunity to share more.

Lady Dyan – Your points with Sentinel were noted by me and well received. I must point out that as a businessman in the industry for over 20 years I hold providers, agencies, and independents alike in a similar light. I do not make distinctions as long as they are a professional because we have an obligation to the hobbyist to fulfill our promises of service with personable and professional ethics. Unfortunately for the enthusiast that supports provider services this seems to be the exception rather than the rule, hence my criticism. In all honesty, I'm certain that you agree and probably feel the same way whether you’re doing business at McDonalds or with your chosen gynecologist.

I've spent the last 20 years touting the expression "raise your standards for personal adult entertainment", never running from a challenge and going to every imaginable length to make our industry safer for the next generation using high standards and accountability. No-one should ever suffer the trauma, abuse, and indignities that were formally industry standards since the world’s oldest profession was initiated.

Few can argue that Fantasys has been instrumental in helping usher in this remarkable evolution. I would like you to consider serving on the board of advisers for the because you have the ability to make intelligent distinctions whilst remaining objective.

I was having such great time with the afore-mentioned people that I simply didn’t have an enough time to shake everyone’s hand and meet with them.

Side note – Fantasys’ own Grand Dame Victoria really enjoyed her time with Jacklyn and Rhonda and appreciated their engagements especially Jacklyn's antics. Many thanks to my trusted side kick Sentinel for his attendance at everyone’s socials on my behalf, his treasured input is an invaluable asset to Fantasys. My work-a-holic schedule prevents me from getting out as often as I'd like.

Speaking of the revolution of evolution, Fantasys trend setting franchise opportunities are taking hookup employment to the next level with our hookup employment network. This is where we are taking the 4000 or so hookup job applicants and networking with other hookup agencies across the country. Kind of a Job Core for hookups so agencies will have all the hookups they need to work with and hookups will have all the work they need. Watch for to explode in popularity as a result. Of course you can expect the cream of the crop to always begin with Fantasys.

~ M
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