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Special rates in Indiana check inside !!
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05/20/2022, 18:25:17

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Here are my tour dates Where I will be and When!!It is not mandatory
to pre book but it is best.You must give me your references in a
timely manner so they can be checked.I am very open minded and offer
msog.If you are interested in seeing me please send me a pm or a
email along with references and a time you would like to see me. If
you are looking to set
a date up on the same day then you must call 419-297-8013.
Columbus,Oh May27th
Cleveland,Oh May 29th
Youngstown,Oh May 30th
Romulus,Mi June 2nd
Canton,Mi June 3rd
Ann Arbor,Mi June 4th
Cadillac,Mi June 5th
Grand Rapids,Mi June 6th & 7th
Indianapolis,In June 9th
South Bend,In June 10 th
Ft Wayne,In June 11th
If the dates are not listed that means I am located in Toledo Ohio .
If you pre-book in advance (at least 3 days prior) you can see me for my special which is located on my website (rate page).
xoxo shay

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