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Visiting Indy & Louisville 20th-23rd
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02/11/2022, 17:15:52

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Craving something sweet that will melt in your mouth this Valentine week?

You be my SugarDaddy and I'll be your SugarBaby..... then you can meet me on 5th Avenue and we will exchange some Hershey kisses and I would love for you to play with my Mounds too! I want to get my Butterfingers on you and savor your Blow Pop for as long as possible while I fondle your Atomic Fire Balls. We'll both enjoy a Bit 'O Honey until your Hot Tamale explodes!

Indianapolis *Duos available*
20th & 21stLouisville
22nd & 23rd

Luvs & Licks,

image Luvs & Licks, Dyvine


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