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08/10/2022, 09:47:15

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Nashville with CASEY Beginning Thursday and running until...? She is willing to make a rare Saturday stay over with Advance Reservations. Click the pic to see her incredible smile, face, all natural flawless build, ZERO BODY FAT, 5'3, 110lb curvy size 2 with blue eyes with blonde hair! just a complete knockout in every way. Sweet, petite, soft and sexy hard body and LOVES her job. You'll be hard pressed to discover another as completely professional and dedicated. Two more new local full time girls coming on line in Nashville so please watch for them to pop up next week.

Check the Calendar for her and the other girls schedules.

Louisville today and later in the week with VICTORIA, my gorgeous a.t.f. ! another knockout with ZERO BODY FAT, a non smoker, easy on the eyes and soft where it counts. Everyday working with her is a pleasure for us because she is such a genuine person, what You Guys see is really really her-no kidding. 5'6. 110lbs, lots and lots of gorgeous curly hair (yep, it's natural) big rack, teeny-tiny waist and slim hips, Definitely my personal all time favorite companion to work with. Fantastic humor, well educated and able to converse on a wide variety of subjects and is a movie trivia buff-you probably won't be able to stump her when it comes to movies. By the way, when you see her if you bring her chocolate or "grannies cookies" you'll have a friend for life. Nashville next week for Princess Victoria. Casey in Louisville on the last Thursday of this month...Jaimie in Louisville off and on all month also with Vanessa dropping in next week.

Knoxville all week with Jenny and Hope returning back there full time next week. Vanessa (possibly the ultimate GFE) will also make Knoxville part of her regular stops so watch the Calendar as she makes her way from her new home in Atlanta and passes through there. Special prices on these two gents!

Lexington today has Hope and Carmen at special prices! We won't jack prices up from the other lower priced areas on you because its terribly unprofessional and tacky. Oh yeah, I don't lower them either....LOL! All week-end with these two plus CASEY IS MAKING A RARE WEEKEND APPEARNCE FOR A CHANGE! Earky Saturday in Nashville and later in the afternoon in Lexington and offering to come to Louisville Sunday for a decent appointment....

Charlotte NC news has Vanessa in town today and making this one of her regular stops! Probably the perfect GFE gentlemen and I'll stand by that statements until the cows come home! ZERO BODY FAT, perfect body, thick sexy hair, extremely passionate and sensual. Absolutely ZERO complaints about this terrific companion. Greensboro is another stop for her next week with Asheville coming on line for Vanessa pretty regularly as well as Knoxville. Atlanta for Vanessa tomorrow!

Florida NEWS!!!!! My little doll-baby Kristi Lee is now a full time companion again and available in Melbourne, Tampa, ST.Pete, Orlando areas. Her schedule will vary with these cities week to week so go ahead and get verified at the reservation form and watch the calendar for announcements. You are welcome to make requests also gents.

Georgia News! Atlanta is the hot spot for Vanessa Friday so make your reservation requests as soon as possible boys and girls. Vanessa will be an Atlanta regular now so watch the Calendar for when. We are also bringing on other Georgia cities by the months end with a couple of local full time cuties. Our present photo gallery cannot contain all of the new girls we've hired so far so another webs site revamp is under way to accommodate them.

VA and DC INterviews coming Friday and Saturday Ladies!
If you've already filled out the job app, give me a call.
Doing our Best to be the Best!
Part Two of last weeks scenario
will be at our message board today.

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