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07/26/2022, 12:55:01

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Cincinnati hookup! Casey is in town today! Lovely little lithe blonde known for her acrobatics! Impeccable reviews, goes the extra mile, beautiful face and perfect body does go a long way...if you miss her this week watch for her return visit next Wednesday. Until then Louisville locals can make a request to see her tomorrow in that city, a rare visit for Casey. She plans to be stopping over in Louisville the LAST Thursday of every month so make the most of it! Next week in Nashville and Columbus for Casey. New Saturday availabilities beginning.

Lexington hookups! Today has VICTORIA-the sweetest & sexiest courtesan class companion in the South East that I've ever met. If I could find some flaw in Victoria I would probably mention it just to make her seem more human and less perfect-but we can't so Perfect it is! A non smoker with a delightful laugh and personality to match her incredibly good looks. Victoria will return to Louisville Thursday. Also in Lexington Wednesday and Thursday is new comer Jill and the later hours offers Carmen. Friday in Lexington adds Casey. Saturday with Jill and TASHA,

Louisville hookups! Today are VANESSA! Brand new review for this very very interesting lady. Asian girls are such a rarity in the South and she is definitely exotic with many "languages" at her command. Vanessa is available until the later hours this week in Louisville as well. Watch for Casey to there Thursday and TASHA on Friday,

Nashville hookups! This week has Asian Delight Vanessa coming your way Thursday and Friday, make the most of it gents because the things we CAN'T say about her are the things you REALLY want! Very understated beauty and the pics simply do not do her justice, I promise. ZERO BODY FAT, perfect body, beautiful and your mileage May Not Vary! Have a peek at her recent reviews for more insight fellas.

Melbourne hookup! Kristi Lee available all week for a nice change of local pace and taste! Our over-size cuddly "care bear" is just so darn cute you don't know if you want to kiss her or ..(I'm in the LONG line) prettiest light blue eyes and the longest lashes you may have ever seen.

Next week with more offerings in Nashville, Lexington, Louisville, Knoxville, Cincinnati, Evansville, Indianapolis, Myrtle Beach, Columbus, Michigan, Boston and some itty bitty places that hardly no one ever hears about. New INdianapolis Providor from Fantasys. New Evansville Indiana providor from Fantasys! New Mailing List!
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*IMPORTANT NOTICE: NEW Private hookup Directory being released soon (and being supported by well over One Hundred hookup websites feeding it)! This is a big deal Ladies and Gents because the 4 levels of memberships represent the most intelligent interaction between hobbyists and providors with each level representing a degree of verification and accountability between all of us for an entirely SAFE and FUN hookup community. You guys really disagree with giving out your personal info and we at Fantasys understand HOWEVER ,WE WON'T do business otherwise because this is a unique business with unique considerations as a result of what we do and you all must agree that not everyone that applies to be a CLIENT-OR-a PROVIDOR is acceptable, we know it and you know it-and if anyone refuses to concede to that then its obvious that YOU'RE one of those selfish individuals that are guilty of that very point-You Can't Be Trusted!

Fantasys has a large enough Internet presence on Yahoo, Google, MSN, enough longevity (20+ years), enough websites (over a hundred) , enough solid reviews (over 140 pages!) that everyone knows that we are NOT a "fly by night" agency-therefore we can be trusted to protect your info, We Obviously Have Integrity! This community will be SAFE for EVERYONE . Even the providors will be verified. In case someone is blind or not Internet savvy, it should be obvious what Fantasys is DOING on the "net with all of the websites we have, all of the targeted audiences from independent, agency, gay, bbw, mature, fetish, ts/tv, industry alliances, travel, accommodations, BANKING (next!), website sales, hosting, directories (IN EVERY COUNTRY and NUMEROUS STATES), Advertisin\wޔ\wX, \w g, Screening, Message Boards, Podcasting, MP3, Socials, Interviews, 'Net Radio, 'Net Television, Referrals, Reviews, TOP RANKING WEBSITES THAT GETS THE TRAFFIC AND INFLUENCES THE WAY E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E does business-every area of this Business. The "old guards" will eventually just get too old to participate (like some old farts in traffic!LOL), fall out of favor for the next hotties coming into the biz and the newest enthusiastic hobbyist and fade out if they don't follow along-its the natural order of LIFE and history proves over and over that resistance is futile when it comes to EVOLUTION-(Fantasys calls it Revolution)!

You know everyone hated the Romans kicking their asses but you MUST admit that the world ended up a BETTER PLACE as a result because the Romans enveloped everyone's technology into their own-with improvements- and made it readily available to everyone in society-so the very cities and cultures they conquered advanced far beyond where they formerly were-exactly what FANTASYS is doing everyday in Every State and Country, in every genre of of the hookup BUSINESS. In would really behoove you to join us and help advance the "hobby" to its rightful place because most of this stuff is now falling into place on its own as a result of our influences already with Agencies and Independents coming into the business as well as the smart ones trying to be safe and SMART-You can contribute to the evolution with suggestions..... A savvy person would be smart to aline themselves with us because We're Helping You and we GIVE AWAY a great deal more than anyone else is offering to Sell You. Plus we back up our claims. "truth can only be proven by RESULTS!"

Three years ago when I decided to do all of this after taking a two year break I had a pretty clear cut idea of where I wanted to go with it, How I was going to do it and exactly by what means. A quick search through the big three search engines at MSN, Yahoo and Google will obviously bely what I just shared with you, everywhere you look is something about Fantasys for about 8 pages deep. We're dominating the business and our influence is being seen and felt everywhere. I have as many Job Inquiries from ladies in Canada and the UK as I do in the USA, and that is frigging amazing when you consider we're known as a Kentucky hookup Service, however everyone else in the world simply see's the RESULTS of our intelligent marketing efforts. Make's sense. All of this makes complete sense once you weigh it all out. I welcome any feedback and more importantly SUGGESTIONS on improving the industry that I am influencing. Please participate and don't hesitate to give us a call, I am very approachable and even personable-if you aren't an aXXhole breaking the rules!

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