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ASIAN Atlanta hookup Vanessa!
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Posted by: Fantasys
04/02/2022, 23:40:04

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More fantabulous Fantasys news later in the mail, for now
though we have Victoria in Nashville Monday and Tuesday
since Jill recently departed from there. Great trip for her too.

Lexington hookups in Kentucky have all the hotties again this
year, right next to me where you'd expect!LOL! Brand New
to the biz Jill is receiving great hookup reviews as we expected
while Casey continues to set new standards of excellence for
providors. Don't compare anyone else to her, they'll only fall
short. Sorry, its true and you're welcome to compare her with
anyone. Hey, don't hate her because she's beautiful.......

Little chatterbox Kristi continues to remake her image and
is maturing into a GORGEOUS full fledged Hottie by golly!
It's amazing just how beautiful this young lady has become,
just a surreal beautiful face. Young curvy black hookup
Carmen's popularity has taken another turn for the better.
Still makes me laugh better than anyone. Love that girl.

Welcome back GORGEOUS Professional Model Diane
to Louisville guys! Tasha continues to be highly requested
in Lexington since her return to Fantasys. She is about to
be seen at a new hookup Agency soon...but you'll be able to
find her and about two dozen others in Kentucky at one of
our State hookup Directories. We have eleven of them
that represent our South Eastern domination of the search
engines and the areas that we're all touring in from the
Fantasys Family of Franchises.

Asian hookup Vanessa in Myrtle Beach Monday,
Atlanta Tuesday and Virginia Beach April 5-11th.
Vivian in West Virginia today and Monday, Columbus
with Angie Tuesday on. Kristi Lee in Vero Beach all
month and up here May 1st for a few weeks!!!!!!!!

Raleigh hookup Hope starting on tour tomorrow.
Columbia hookup hookup Abby on tour tomorrow.
Asheville hookups all week.
Myrtle Beach hookups next month.
Knoxville hookups Lisa and ?? next month.
Clarksville hookups this month.

Fantasys has finally opened the gates to allow other Agencies
and independent hookups into our State hookup Directories so
YOU GUYS will have many many choices now in KY OH IN
TN IL GA VA WV DC NC SC from the hookup Tours. Expect
to see these same people available at our hookup Socials.

FantasyhookupTv is being addressed for release soon.
Members only benefits are FREE because you'll actually
have to be a member to see inside it and that means being
VERIFIED at FantasyClientScreening or someone we provide
verification services for. Premium Members of our PRIVATE
hookup DIRECTORY see them for free.

hookup Interviews are also seen there for free too. Other
features include up to the minute calendar schedules for
providor availability, socials, tours, videos and more. The
hobbyists are going to love me for the stuff we're doing!
We're all very very excited at this years releases over the
next few months. New hookup Services Directory, a new
Independent hookup Directory, a new Mature hookup
Directory, a new BBW hookup Directory and more.

New hookup Jobs news for Agencies and Applicants: is featuring top applicants from the
entire world in one place, finally. Providors in the business that
own Agencies complain that you can't find qualified companions to
work with so Fantasys has a solution. Our hookup Employment Job
Site you only find qualified applicants prepped, ALL GFE, ready to
work immediately! For a small fee, of course....

Services for over 20 years ! Sexy, slender, private companions locally
and on tour. Please see the Reservation Form for appointments
Gentlemen. Click the Calendar for daily schedules.
hookup WORK-hookup JOB$!
KY OH IN TN IL GA VA WV DC TX NC SC FL and hookup Tours!
Fantasys Franchises now available in all 50 States including

FANTASYS! The Best GFE Services for over 20 years! Call 859.225.6099 for reservations. Sexy ONLY slender, pre-qualified and verified FS GFE, Fetish, Roleplays, Incall-Outcalls and more! hookup JOBS! GFE hookups in 50 States!
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