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ATlanta hookup Fantasy Tour Coming up
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Posted by: Fantasyshookups
02/23/2022, 05:38:50

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Cincinnati hookup Thursday is CASEY, this Friday with JAIMIE, please book now guys because both of these ladies popularity has not diminished one little bit...NEW low overnight travel rates for Jaimie.

NASHVILLE hookup CASEY Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday for a big change.
Bowling Green/Paducah and Clarksville guys can come down on the weekend!

Lexington this week with Kristi, Dina, Kara and Carmen.
Louisville all weekend availability with Victoria.
Indianapolis tour dates coming for Victoria and Jaimie

Raleigh NC hookup with Hope.
Austin hookup ALLY available and Coming to TN, KY, IN, OH, March 10th beginning in Nashville through Monday, Lexington Tuesday (Two Girl Specials with Ally Casey and Kristi!) and Wednesday. You can make advance reservations now.

NEW Travel Rates available for everyone.
Hilton Head coming back up for a tour in April and all Summer.
Go to our Calendar here:

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