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Atlanta hookup Jewel Monday and Tuesday! Schedule quickly!
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04/14/2022, 05:25:22

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This weeks schedule:
A direct link to our blog post:

Monday in Louisville with Jewel or Diane!
Monday in Lexington with Kim, Holly, Sheila and Kara.
Tuesday in Louisville with Kim or Diane! Diane in Louisville full time now.
Tuesday in Lexington with Jewel, Holly, Sheila, Kara.
Wednesday in Covington/Cincinnati with Kim! BOOK NOW.
Wednesday in Knoxville with Jewel. Next Wednesday too!
Thursday and Friday in Nashville with Jewel.
Saturday in Knoxville with Jewel.
This weekend in Lexington includes Kim, Holly, Sheila.
Next Monday and Tuesday in ATLANTA with Jewel! BOOK NOW.

For those of you that do not know: we use a calendar from our agency website to post the *individual girls* personal schedules every week and we have a permanent schedule for the CITIES posted on our main page. We also post announcements on our “daily message” link-our blog, of our up and coming plans with the various ladies.

Where are we every week? Atlanta-Nashville-Lexington-Louisville-Cincinnati-Knoxville are all now regular weekly venues that you can always count on by the way and we have flexibility for visits that aren’t on the schedule depending upon how long you are interested in seeing a girl for. Huntington-Charleston WV twice a month-rain or shine!

Places to see us in the Summer months:
Atlanta-Savannah GA, Nashville-Knoxville TN, Cincinnati-Columbus OH, Lexington-Louisville KY, Indianapolis-Evansville IN, Hilton Head-Columbia-Myrtle Beach SC, South Beach-Tampa FL, Asheville NC so far.

Up and Coming North Carolina hookup cities include:
Up and Coming Georgia cities include:
Atlanta, Savannah, Macon, Marietta, Augusta.

Please Phone us with any questions With Your Client Code and Please Leave A Message.

Scheduling is simple and straightforward after screening with a simple phone call for reservations once you’re finished with the screening process. We go to great lengths to ensure your-and our-safety and anonymity with our verification services so you’re completely safe with us. We do everything “in house” including our own custom software as well as the photography so there is NO outsiders involved in any way to compromise us. We’re known for our honesty and character.

26 years later we continue to pay attention to what works-and what doesn’t-make incremental changes as necessary to remain absolved from the stupid ass mistakes that the other ding-dongs continue to make and get themselves and you guys into trouble with (I.E. DRUGS-minors-money laundering-illegal immigrants-permanent incalls-girls working from home-written records-US based servers-etc, (all the usual retarded things they do), we evolve with the times and utilize the best possible procedure protocols with multiple “fail safes” in place designed to protect you-and us at every level so no one ends up being front page gossip material! You get the point. We take every reasonable precaution we possibly can come up with to avoid mistakes and to protect everyone at every juncture so We Can Continue to bring the terrific services and girls that no one else has and maintain a long relationship with you for years to come. THAT’S why we’ve been in business for 26 years and why MOST people come to us. Guarantees and peace of mind.
Have a great week everyone!

Go to this kick-ass review page for more and welcome aboard guys!

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