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Fantasy hookups Partnerships? Yep, sign me up with the winners!
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Posted by: Fantasys
05/10/2022, 00:43:55

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Good Morning everyone!

If anyone has perused the links to the left lately you may have noticed a bunch of new links listed over there. (at the Fantasyhookups group at MSN.

We've added a bunch of our entry pages to the up and coming hookup Directories that will be hitting the world wide web of hookups, companions, providors, courtesans, hobbyists and Enthusiasts from Fantasys!

We're proud as pickles of the advancements we've made in the last year since I took Sentinel on as my web guy. I have absolutely no graphical capabilities at all-just a bunch of really cool sound ideas that I've proven over and over again as every web site I work on goes up the charts to the coveted Number One positions in the search engines. No small feat I might add.

I'm even more impressed at our efforts considering the budget we work with and the results that we garner from good old fashioned hard work and VISION! <--Super important (know where you're going). With the addition of our own server and adding Sentinel to the payroll I have managed to slash my initial budget to 1/8 of what it formerly was. 1/8th?! Yep. True. Freakin' amazing.

If you take a looky-see over there you'll see hookup Directories covering a BBW hookup (that's size 14 and up), Mature hookup (30 and over), Alternative hookups (Fetish-BDSM), Mexico hookup, Canada hookup, UK hookup, hookup Job, Private hookup Communities, Help Wanted, hookup Review Sites, Search Engine Submit stuff, Ohio hookup, Kentucky hookup, Indiana hookup, Georgia hookup, ehookup service, hookup review, hookup ADVERTISING, hookup Referalls, hookup verification, CLIENT VERIFICATION, Web Site Hosting, hookup Web Sites, man, just a bunch of future Stars in the Fantasys arsenal of hookup website directories.

The eventual main hookup Directory is destined to be the venerable Fantasys mainstay at that I've owned forever and which has gone through so many transitions that there have been times when I thought it had a mind of its own (crazy as hell entered the thoughts more than once-I admit)!

I haven't yet had the opportunity to prep these kick ass NON-Offensive hookup Directories yet so they aren't publicly ready to really brag about just yet however my main prioritiy was to just Get Them Out There-announce them to our constituents and followers so I could continue to go back and forth and make small incremental changes and refinements as time permits (yeah, right!). Like the meta tag crap that I absolutely hate to do (but excell at!), its friggin' tedious man....I'm an idea guy, give me a think tank and let me go, someone else trudge the road to happy destiny dude-I'm on a role here!

I had the URL forwarded to that MSN group for a year or so and its about the best kept secret in the hookup Business for discovering hookups that you otherwise Never hear from and Real Honest to Goodness Enthusiasts that are among the most gracious fellas that I've ever worked with anywhere. No ???.

I almost never have to moderate this group and the spam is maybe two a week. Pretty incredible stuff. I used this as my proving ground for "botton feeding" techniques as I began applying the theories that I had floating around from the copiuos mounds of notes at my house-car-bathroom!

The Art and-now-Science of "Bottom Feeding" is taking a handful of URL's with a very very narrow and targeted area of the business that we're involved in and targeting a select set of keywords that only make up a small percentage of the overall hookup searches on the web and multiplying those efforts over and over again with multiple URLs targeting different areas that hobbyists and providors like so I'm not fighting with every swinging dick that has assembled an hookup website for search engine popularity.

It works wonderfully and the Ladies there are making something in the nieghborhood of $5,XXX.XX a month for FREE from my efforts. Glad I could help.....a pittance compared to what I'm getting in return for the long haul considering wher we're going.

I've made more from it than the PAID ADVERTISING we've done in "established" hookup directories that are so "popular" and in vogue these days. Just goes to show.....great ideas....anyway, just click on that cool gold banner down there and go to it and have a look for yourself.

You'll need to make up an MSN passport (just like but its free and its got some 12,0000 hookups and enthusiasts in it waiting to meet you!
M~Part Two message:As Fantasys continue to add more and more directories we will add their front pages in this group ( as a future "showcase" of things to come so watch for it in the new "SHOWCASE" link to the left and you will be among the first to see them in the whole wide world!LOL!

* We are also adding a New "PARTNERSHIPS" link to Everything we do in the future, Watch for that to start popping up everywhere. It's an open invitation for Co-Operative efforts with other hookup WebMasters & Wannabes (like I was) to partner up with the incredible visionaries at Fantasys and exploit your existing websites backend stuff. Before You consider Us crazy let me point out the very-very obvious--it's probably the Smartest thing you can do today considering Fantasys existing overall
1. Reputation
2. History
3. Exploits
4. Vision
5. Efforts
6. Goals
9. Focus
10. Longevity

After looking at it like that it makes perfect sense. We've been doing this for over 20 years, its What We Do for a Living so our professional experience is unparalleled and without question. Everything we work on goes zooming up the charts in Search Engine Rankings and its obvious that my ultimate goal is exactly what we continually repeat over and over again, "We're going to be Number One". Truth can Only be Proven by Results and we produce RESULTS.

Join with a winner and make history with us dead last.
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