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07/21/2022, 06:04:42

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Well Hello, Let me first introduce myself: My name is Miss Melissa and I am a sexy blonde petite GFE,based here in Dallas...Getting a little bored... So I have been looking to travel and see something new... So a wonderful friend ask me why not Orlando???? So I told my special friend let me look into it...So I got to thinking----  And you know it would be  ((( Fun 2 See A Lil Sunshine ))) So..... that what brings me here??? I found your site on other Provider Website and this seems to be on every website I went to...So I start my jounrey here with you!!

   So I want to know a little about Orlando??? Where are the beaches at??? Where is the safe and nice hotel to stay at?? Do you even have a Wal Mart around??? What good to eat??

   Now,lets get to know me..And I know just the place to start:  ((((MY OH SO NAUGHTY LIL WEBSITE )))) Its has a lot of info so get ready to know a little info about me.. It has links to most of all my reviews.... And there also lots of pics in there too... And if you really want to find out where I travel too when I am not in Dallas I have a  Yahoo Newsletter Club?? Its just a cool little spot go ahead and sign up for my yahoo newsletter on my webpage... (There is a link on my website...) I know you are going to have lots of fun when you visit my little webpage.So relax grab a little popcorn and enjoy... Go ahead and click on the link and take a little peep.... I think it wont bite back (LOL ) ......???
   ((((((( ))))))))))

   Now after you get back from drooling and picking you chin off the floor.... Now would or could you spend a hour or too with me sometimes in Aug???? E-mail me (">) and give me your thoughts...... I really hope we can meet up and see each other soon.. You have a bless day and take care!! And if you are ever in Dallas I am your GIRL---- CALL ME ANYTIME!!!... I would love to hook up with you, even on short notice...,plane delays, just a quick hi or even on weekend.... I stay up pretty late.....

Smooches And Lots Of Hugs,
   Miss Melissa

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