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FANTASYS hookup Service this week!
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Posted by: Fantasys
01/09/2022, 08:32:30

Author Profile Edit schedules! ALLY, Fantasys "Uptown Girl" is in the Bluegrass-and BOOKED! Try for the rest of the week gentlemen. Message Board users reading this please refer back to it all week as we will be making running updates and changes in schedules.

Monday & Tuesday Cincinnati hookups with VICTORIA, "The most beautiful girl in the world" is available! WEdnesday with CASEY in Cincy, Thursday with JILL! Ally will be there sometime this weekend-Saturday I think.

Mondays Lexington hookups with CASEY, KRISTI, KARA, CARMEN, DINA. Try a two girl with Casey and Krisiti or Casey and Ally (if you can fit in!).

Tuesday in Lexington with ALLY, CASEY, KRISTI, KARA.

Louisville Tuesday with DINA (Friday also!) and ?? and ?? hopefully.

*Monday-Wednesday in Nashville with JILL (last days in TN then on to Cincy!) Before ALLY arrives this week in Nashville (schedule now VIP'S-remember last time!)

Thursday/Friday Nashville with ALLY-step up with your best offer!LOL! Vip's receive precedent first of course as a reward for enduring my smart-axx last year!

Friday in Louisville with DINA, Diane, Whitney and VICTORIA-real men try the two girl special...
Saturday in Cincinnati with ALLY!
Sunday in Cincy with CARRIE!
SUNDAY morning in Lexington with ALLY, Krisiti, Carmen, Dina, Kara!

Austin Texas hobbyists may start applying for a Client Code to see ALLY and make their reservations down there beginning next Tuesday on. ALLY'S buddy CASEY will be dropping in on Austin TX residents as early as next month so get in line with your reservations to see them both or Casey alone in FEBUARY! What a treat...

Asheville NC Hobbyists may begin applying to see HOPE for her trip in next week.

Hilton Head Island Hobbyists may begin applying to see CASEY and Krisiti next month on their trip in to the Island. Savannah residents too!

Atlanta and Knoxville next month with CARMEN and KARA!

CARRIE will be in Northern KY for a visit Sunday! The local snitch can pass that tidbit along to the appropriate neurotic...SISSY. When I get my hands on you..

**Our new Calendar will be updated on Wednesday to reflect all of this plus MUCH more because we're allowing the visiting independents to utilize it as well in an effort to keep MY GUYS happy!..I know, I know, I'm the worlds worst brownnose buttkisser....

Indiana coming back on line in January!
West Virginia in January again!
DC in Febuary!

More new Independent hookup "Fantasy Features" for Febuary and March at Fantasys! They aren't exclusive but they are special enough to be considered for a feature with us and we'll be bringing them to our local yocals soon!

**THREE NEW WEBMASTERS now at FANTASYS! Nothing exceeds like excess and we do it exceedingly well as everyone knows....LOL! I have so much new stuff going on that we need them all. SO we have our resident Sentinel as my entrusted right hand man, another newbie to the graphics design team (earn as you learn baby!), plus a real live honest to goodness certified Mensa GENIUS fresh out of school (a total kick butt guy and my new favorite because he is smarter than me!) to continue our one-of-a-kind "Fantasys exclusive" software to run this stuff for me. (Hey War. he is Your kind of guy-hope ya see him at the social), the software apps that he does for us is actually filtering down so that my peers will be able to utilize them as part of our premium support services that will be offered to hookup Directory Owners to offer to their members. Everyone will like "The Master Blaster" that blasts your message to hundreds of message boards in the blink of an eye...<--MY contribution thank you very much! As well as custom search software for helping you to verify your clients. <--Another premium service that WE plan to actually make available to directory owners to offer to their members as an upgrade.... to get verified and see a Fantasys hookup. Begin by filling out the Reservation Form gents. Couples welcome!

hookup JOBS at FANTASYS!

FANTASYS! The Best GFE Services for over 20 years! Call 859.225.6099 for reservations. Sexy ONLY slender, pre-qualified and verified FS GFE, Fetish, Roleplays, Incall-Outcalls and more! hookup JOBS! GFE hookups in 50 States!
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