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Posted by: Fantasyshookups
08/06/2022, 12:56:46

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Good morning everyone!

Everyone's favorite hillbilly MOD is jumping to the rafters this morning because we've just JUMPED ahead of the pack with our new RSS feeds. An industry first for an hookup Service.......of course.

and * are going to be VERY significant in the months to come because we went commercial (no, I Did Not sell out-I just went International!) late last night by syndicating our e-mails into RSS news feeds!!!!!

Little bitty old Kentucky hookup Service
FANTASYS is now a direct news feed for "hookup Industry News" with hookup RSS and XML and XHTML news feeds (kinda like a ticker tape on the stock market-or Rueters) so everything we do goes world wide in a matter of seconds. Talk about being ahead of the curve.......

The cool thing is that a NON-Webmaster did it (uhh, that would be yours truly) and we did it Long Before everyone else. This past month Fantasys Webmaster Sentinel and I had been trying to figure out why some things we had worked on WASN'T working and producing the RESULTS (truth can only be proven by results) that we expected and we found that we had inadvertently fallen into the classic mistake traps that everyone who is a "Webmaster" falls into when assembling an hookup Directory. We merely "followed the rules" as the search engines state how to do it, and guess what? THEY DON"T WORK! Not only do they do not work but further more they don't even follow their very own algorithm technologies to do produce results!

WE went back in time to MY RESULTS to get what we wanted-and guess what? They Work (truth can ONLY be proven by Results). And that brings us partially up to date. All of our hookup Directories will now be racing up the charts so do yourself a favor and add yourselves to them, quickly please because I may very well break out in a rash of Capitalism and decide to CHARGE for placements....hurry now.

We're all very excited at our future prospects and plans. Our will take on new significance as well with the influx of viewers from our RSS feeds expanding the scope of our reach to millions upon millions of people instantly. We're most excited about because it gives us the opportunity to be really creative, have a decent social life for a change, meet scores of interesting people (you!) , captivate throngs of like minded folks with the same lifestyle interests and many more things of that nature.

Like to read mindless mumbo jumbo?
It's damn sure different/

We're going to be on the look out for Adult News stuff to add to and so if you have suggestions please feel free to email me at with suggestions because we all benefit from what Fantasys is doing in the industry.

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