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Fantasy hookup Guide Board rules

1) No messages causing any legal liability for the site, board, owners or moderators. No explicit references to alleged illegal or unlawful acts are allowed.

2) PERSONAL URLS ONLY NO COMMERICAL WEB SITES: Agencies, hookups and / or Independents henceforth referred to as "providers" are welcome to post to as many boards as is relevant to your business. HOWEVER, Fantasys requires a text link to our message boards.

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I post at the message boards at
Fantasy hookup

3) No graphic sexual content permitted. Determination of a graphic sexual description or content is left up to the board owners and moderators.

4) No racial or ethnic slurs are permitted. This will NOT be tolerated.

5) Have respect for others; there will be NO direct personal attacks fights or flaming. Any negative behavior will be dealt with at the moderator's discretion. Of course this also includes messages intentionally meant to harm client or hookup, defamation of character, liable and slander. FEG Bad Client list.

6) We reserve the right to delete posts which fall under the "your being an idiot" clause. This also includes private messages, which should have been sent via e-mail because no one other than you and another party care, and the rest of the board doesn't need to read.

7) No multiple aliases (names, sign on's) are Permitted.

8) Posting to multiple board is permissible as long as it is a reliant state. It must be your Personal URL ONLY ABSOLUTLY no commercial URLS !

9) No, promotions, postings or advertisements for ANY other message boards or message board sites without our written permission. NO commercial web design, web hosting, photography, drivers, free hookup advertisement websites other related services on the boards without our WRITTEN permission. We have a section in the Directory for those services. Full and mini banner ad space is available for any of the above contact us via our advertising page..

The Owner, the Moderators, Admin and Systems Administrators have the final say pertaining to rules and violations. We reserve the option to make any exceptions to the above rules we deem necessary.