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How to use the boards
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If you've never used a discussion board before then just follow these easy steps.

1) Click the register link

2) You will need to come up with a name you will be known by. Keep in mind names are CaSe sensitive. Fill in the name you want and select a password you will remember.

3) Fill in a VALID working e-mail address. The system after you click "submit" will send you a e-mail with a validation link and instruction to make sure this is your e-mail account. IF you do not click the validation link in the e-mail you will be sent or follow the instructions your account on this board will NOT activate.

If you have Spam protection were unknown e-mail addresses are sent a "verification e-mail" before it let's the e-mail through to you, please turn if off now. If you don't you may get our validation e-mail from [email protected] or [email protected] You can also add the those two e-mail addresses to your allowed filters.

4) Fill your home page URL ( if you are an agency or provider

5) Fill in your home area city then state or just your state. Note: Providers be smart and fill in the area codes you service along with your primary city and state.

6) Fill in a sentence about yourself. i.e.. Hobbyist, Provider Independent, Provider Agency, Agency, wannabe.

7) Type in a password you will remember

8) Click submit.

Wait a moment or two then check your e-mail account for an e-mail from [email protected] or [email protected]

You will then be given a validation link to go to and put in your validation code to activate your account.



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