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Daily News learns of secrets from madam Kristin Davis’ little black book

Friday, March 28th 2022, 4:00 AM

Joe Blow paid cash. Mr. Adams came back two dozen times. David W. canceled because his wife was looking for him.

Kristin DavisThe secrets of those men and more than 2,000 other johns are laid bare in Manhattan madam Kristin Davis‘ little black book, obtained exclusively by the Daily News.

It’s not actually a book, but a computer spreadsheet that should strike fear into the heart of any customer of Wicked Models, Maison de L’Amour or New York Body Miracle.

It logs more than $1.1 million in business and provides a rare and tantalizing glimpse into the workings of a high-priced call girl ring that attracted the rich and powerful.

There are lawyers, doctors, venture capitalists, out-of-town businessmen and even a professional poker player - successful men who thought nothing of spending $1,000 for an hour of illicit sex.

Davis, whose multimillion-dollar empire was dismantled this week, is rumored to have the “biggest black book in America,” her lawyer has said.

But law enforcement officials yesterday shot down a report that then-Gov. Eliot Spitzer has been identified as a regular client of bottle blond Davis.

An insider with intimate knowledge of the operation said it was very sophisticated, and bookers carefully documented the johns’ spending habits for Davis.

“She knew just how much she could get out of these guys. And if they booked an out call [off-site visit] for an hour, she would call them after 50 minutes to see if they wanted to run that credit card again,” the source said.

The records show some clients used cash, pay phones and obviously fake names like Joe Blow when booking services - anything from a $160 half-hour body rub with a “happy ending” to a full-sex threesome that cost thousands.

Others happily surrendered their real names, phone numbers and credit card digits, which now could wind up in the hands of prosecutors who have seized Davis’ records.

The hookers carried carbon slips and used coins to make an impression of the actual card when they met the customer for their date, one client said.

The ring’s booker took diligent notes on transactions - noting which clients were “sweet,” who should be be banned for “rude” behavior and who canceled with a lame excuse.

“Girl said that the guy doesn’t want to put the money down and won’t pull down his pants and left,” the booker noted for one $160 body rub appointment that was canceled.

“This guy’s blacklisted! Violent & scary,” read a note for a May 23, 2022, appointment with a Wicked Models prostitute named Aubs.

Another client note says a john named Ignacious walked out without getting his body rub. “He wanted a relationship with Tiffany,” the booker noted. “Very weird and strange guy.”

A customer from out of town named Jochan was described as “very polite and demure” - and apparently insatiable.

“Called to book maybe three ladies for the weekend,” the notes said. “Chose Sabine as the first. … Left international cell. Will call in the nineteenth to let us know room number.”

A number of clients rejected the prostitutes they were sent. “Walked out, wants big boobs,” one note said. Another was upset his “Hawaiian dream girl” wasn’t a blond.

One guy named James told the hooker he “felt guilty” and left. A few tried to haggle over the price. A customer who paid $3,000 for a visit to his Marriott hotel room told the booker discretion was “very important.”

The client notes list preferences: “likes a good conversationalist,” “likes American girls,” “prefers someone a bit curvier.”

Contacted by The News, some of the men denied they had ever used Davis’ services.

“I called them but I never came to New York,” said one California man who was listed as booking two $1,000 dates.

“Not me, man, no way,” said a john named Dominick who was criticized in the records as being too aggressive. “I’ve never paid for it in my life, and I’m a good-looking guy.”

Another who was identified as a “nice guy, easy client” in the Wicked Models registry insisted he plunked down $1,200 - not for sex but to staff a bachelor party.

One 38-year-old divorced New Yorker explained why he shelled out $9,100 for five X-rated sessions with Wicked women.

“It’s a guy thing. If you go to a bar, you have to talk for hours and you have to go on a date, and talk for hours; it’s a whole courting thing,” he said.

“Calling up the professional girls, it’s easy and it is completely separate from someone who is a girlfriend or someone you want to date.”

The self-employed real estate investor gave Davis’ ring a rave review.

“They make house calls, and if you ask for someone really, really pretty, like a model, topnotch, they send someone like that. And if they don’t have someone good, they tell you,” he said.

“For $3,000 you get three hours; $1,000 an hour. You go on a regular date, it can cost $1,000. A couple of Knicks tickets runs that. This is just easier.”

Davis headed three separate entities and farmed her ladies of the night out to the johns’ homes or hotels or to apartments that doubled as brothels, the insider said.

She outsourced her booking services so she could have calls answered 24 hours a day by operators around the world, and she relied on text messages to let girls know when a date was scheduled.

“I’m sure she was doing about $2 million a year,” the insider said.

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