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Increasingly, ISPs are using filtering systems to try and keep spam out of customers' inboxes. Often AOL accidentally filters the e-mail that you want to receive. In many cases you are not notified and neither are we, that the F.E.G e-mail didn't get through.

Please White-list us NOW, before you do anything else so your important sign up infromation that will be sent is blocked.

For AOL version 9.0 or higher:

You can ensure that your F.E.G emails are delivered to your inbox by setting your mail controls. Here's how:

  • Click on the 'Mail' Menu in the Menu Bar along the top of the screen, or,
  • Click on 'Mail Center'
  • Mail Center Screen appears,
  • Under 'Mail Preferences' click on 'Customize your e-mail' and click 'Next'
  • Under 'Essentials' click on 'Spam Controls' and click 'Next'
  • Mail and Spam Controls Screen appears
  • On the right panel of the screen make sure that 'Mail filtered by AOL's Advanced Spam Filter' is turned On (checkmark appears), and that underneath that you have both 'Mail with clickable Hyperlinks (URLS)' and 'Mail containing words and phrases on my Custom Word List' turned Off (no checkmark appearing).
  • On the left panel

    Make sure that 'Block mail containing pictures or files' is turned off (no checkmark appearing) - we may include images in our emails.

  • On the left panel select either:
    1. 'Allow mail from all senders' (allows ALL e-mail) or
    2. 'Use a Custom Sender list' (allows selective e-mail)
    3. Note: the other options are too selective to allow e-mail from us, and almost anyone else who might send you e-mail.

If you select Option 1 above: 'Allow mail from all senders', you're done.

Thank you for white-listing the FEG.

If you select Option 2 above: 'Use a Custom Sender list'

Follow these instructions to allow e-mail from the F.E.G:

  • Click on the blue link: 'Custom Sender List' that is part of 'Use a Custom Sender List' option.
  • The Custom Sender List appears
    • Make sure you select the second option (*) 'Allow only the domains and senders listed below'
    • In the space provided, enter the addresses below:
    • To allow e-mail from AOL or your friends at AOL you also want to do the following...
    • In the space provided, enter the addresses below:
      • and Click 'Add'
    • To accept e-mail from other domains add the other domains in the same way you did above for all of the domains or friends e-mail addresses you want to add.
    • Click 'Save' (on the Custom Sender List screen)
  • Click 'Save to Apply these Mail Controls' (on the Mail and Spam Controls screen)
  • Close any remaining open windows.

Thank you for white-listing the F.E.G.